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Court in the insolvency proceedings
Between the Superstar and worry-child: the two faces of Boris Becker

Ex-Tennis Pro Boris Becker at an event on may 14. October in Dessau-Roßlau in Saxony-Anhalt

© Hendrik Schmidt / DPA

A heavy gear for Boris Becker: The former Tennis professional has to appear due to its opaque financial management again in court. Around the tennis courts of this world choice-London, however, is still a good figure.

Not 48 hours between the two performances that could hardly be more different: At the tennis tournament at Hamburg rothbaum Boris Becker sits at the end of September with a pair of Jeans, sunglasses and aufgeknöpftem casual shirt in the stands. At the specially convened press conference, the 52-chats-Year-old in a very good mood about his love for the Hanseatic city and the best German tennis player Alexander Zverev.

Two days later, completely different images to be transported. With verkniffenem facial expression – to the extent that under the mouth-nose protection with the sponsors Logo and the slogan “Stronger together” as – is Becker at his home in London on the way to the court. He is wearing a pinstripe suit and tie, the black cap is drawn deep into the face.

The Trouble to be private insolvency proceedings, Becker had actually want to leave long ago. But it came different.

The next court date for Boris Becker

On Thursday (22. October) Becker has another unpleasant appointment: His case was referred to the Southwark Crown Court in London. The three-time Wimbledon champion and six-times Grand Slam Champion, wants to fight back there at the beginning of his case against allegations of UK Insolvency Agency. The authority accuses him of – once again – to have in its proceedings, not enough cooperation. Becker denies this vehemently.

In these days, the two faces of Boris Becker are present as rare. While some celebrate, even after decades, the once world’s best tennis player, others see him as a slumped Broke celebrity. As a 17-Year-old, the redhead from Leimen with his victory at Wimbledon in the Tennis, had history books catapulted and also in the Public. Since that 7. In July 1985, is Boris Becker in the spotlight – and every one of his sporting and private steps will be observed and commented on.

Today, Becker is recognized as a TV pundit for Eurosport or the BBC. He is the head of the men’s Department of the German Tennis Federation and was recently chosen by Alexander Zverev and co. to the team leader for a new competition. For his analyses during the two-week French Open, he has been inundated recently with praise. Eurosport extended cooperation until 2023. As Becker chatted last Wednesday, during a visit to the Golf Park Dessau for two hours about his life, he moved there, too, the number at the end of the audience with anecdotes, humour and self-irony in his spell.

But there are kicks to the private and the vexing financial plight. “The issue of money for me was never superficial. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I made it never things. There was never a reason that I played Tennis or today work,” said Becker in Dessau, and assured: “I make two marks fifty.”

Trophies and medals came under the Hammer

So relaxed the past few years not ran for Becker in this regard, however: In 2017, a British court declared that the choice-London-based insolvent. In the summer of 2019 forced to auction a portion of his trophies – a total of 82 pieces of memorabilia such as trophies, medals, or watches changed in an Online auction, the owner.

Actually, the insolvency proceedings in England may be already completed after one year. Actually.

In Becker’s case, the bankruptcy requirements have been extended to twelve years and, consequently, Ex must be professional, up to 16. October 2031 to certain limitations for insolvent individuals in the UK. The reason is that Becker transactions from the time before and after the insolvency proceedings that is not properly reported to. Similar accusations it is now again. The competent bankruptcy authority is now leading a criminal investigation against the 52-Year-old.

The Boulevard, the then 17-Year-old national saints cried out, but now relish in on the fallen hero. It will be written for 30 years about him, most of it voice to happiness, said Becker in Dessau.

The process of the turning point in the Causa Becker is? Wait and see. Anyway, he can pull the plight of insolvency, significantly in the length. “I deny the accusations against me, and I will defend with all legal means”, let Becker recently in his favorite medium, Twitter, announced, and announcedthat his Team will prove his innocence “in due time”. Three exclamation points, he continued.

Wolfgang Müller, Robert Semmler, Larissa Schwedes / DPA / wue

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