Facebook starts Dating function in Europe, competition for Tinder and co.

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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
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Actually, Facebook wanted to launch its Dating service just in time for Valentine’s day in Europe. However, the Irish competent authority, kept the privacy for not sufficiently examined. With several months delay it is now, but so far. Facebook is now also in Europe a Dating platform.

You have taken the time to make everything is definitely correct, said product Manager Kate Orseth on the announced market launch in 32 European countries. The service to start from today, it says in a statement. For Facebook Dating users can create over the age of 18 years, a separate profile. Facebook then suggests potential partners – on the basis of the information of the users, but also knowledge of the platform about your interests and activities.

Facebook-friends as a potential flirt partner?

Facebook-friends are exempt – unless you know someone of them in the Dating signed profile as a “stealth swarm”. On this list, you can set up to nine persons. The user will learn only if there is a mutual Match. To make the Flirt function safely, can be sent when conversations between users no photos or Videos.

Anyone could block another user or report it. Facebook gives users the option of content from the group’s own photo platform Instagram to integrate. Suitable for corona crisis Facebook offers Meeting via video conference.

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Product Manager Orseth but admits that Facebook can use data for activity in the Dating area also the personalize display advertising elsewhere on the platform of the Online network. Just before Facebook deferring in February, the Start of the Flirt platform in Europe, had privacy advocates voiced strong criticism of the Portal. The Irish data protection authority initiated an “inspection” in the Online network in Dublin, and secured documents. Now you have submitted in advance to the authority the documents – although Facebook is not obliged to do so, said Orseth. Facebook Dating is consistent with the EU data protection regulation.

Action against naked pictures announced

The plans for a Dating function was introduced to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the first time in the spring of 2018. Since the Start of last year, Facebook Dating has been so far implemented in 20 countries.

The user will be explicitly prompted to sign in with their real identities to sign-in and Facebook assures that attempts at fraud are systematically prevented. Any user complaint will be investigated. In addition, the Online network under test, for example, proactively profile pictures, to ensure that there are no Nude photos.

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