TikToker Hamudi Influencer is insulted and threatened for no reason: "I was afraid to take to the streets" ...


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Bautzen’s vaccination rate is miserable – but the incidence is great-how does it work?

Experts puzzle Bautzen's vaccination rate is miserable – but the corona incidence is great-how does it work? ...

Students suffer from breathing difficulties-High school in Eltville evacuated

High School in Eltville Students suffer from breathing difficulties-Gymnasium must be vacated 36...

Corona variant Mu: Is it more resistant to vaccines than other variants?

New study Corona variant Mu could be more resistant to vaccines than all predecessors ...

Corona guideline values: Hospitalization rate will play an important role – but not exclusively

New Corona criteria Why other factors are needed in addition to the hospitalization rate ...

Five years in prison: Man violates Corona rules and infects others

Vietnam Five years in prison: he violated the Corona rules and infected others ...

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The Project Giving Away $50k and a Lamborghini Go-Kart

Project DogeX is an innovative new token launching Thursday October 7th on the BSC network. The project integrates exciting marketing strategies and intriguing ‘never done before’ tokenomics with the...

AVNRich E-Commerce Shopping Platform Announces November 1st Presale

AVNRich is announcing an upcoming presale which will start on November 1st, 2021. While preparing for the presale, AVNRich also announces the release of...