Uncovering Effective Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies Without Any Financial Investment

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the true value of any given cryptocurrency, or if it’s a worthwhile investment at its current market price. But what if you...

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Microsoft CEO Worried About Crypto Into Game World

The Microsoft CEO claims crypto might have an impact on the gaming industry.Also, Phil Spencer worried about implementing cryptocurrency into games.In a recent interview,...

Naoris Protocol Raises $31 Million in Funding to Scale Decentralized Cybersecurity

Following a successful fundraising campaign that attracted industry heavyweights like Tim Draper’s Draper Associates, BPMT Trading Ltd, and the Holdun Family Office, blockchain-powered cybersecurity...

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NFT Certification Protocol Wakweli Enters Partnership with Polygon

An official partnership between the Polygon blockchain platform and Wakweli, the web3 infrastructure protocol that produces certificates of validity for non-fungible tokens, has been revealed. As a result of the...