Microsoft CEO Worried About Crypto Into Game World

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  • The Microsoft CEO claims crypto might have an impact on the gaming industry.
  • Also, Phil Spencer worried about implementing cryptocurrency into games.

In a recent interview, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Xbox division (gaming division) discussed his stance on the cryptocurrency sector, primarily play-to-earn gaming, and his understanding of the metaverse. The discussion covers a wide range of topics, including the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, premium games, and Microsoft’s $70 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard. 

Since most gamers are not yet impressed by the idea of a metaverse, they have basically been playing in metaverse worlds for decades, Spencer made this statement in an interview with Bloomberg.

And, CEO Phil Spencer stated about metaverse that;

My view on metaverse is gamers have been in the metaverse for 30 years. When you’re playing games if you’re playing a World of Warcraft game you’re playing in roadblocks you’re playing in a racing game where everybody’s in a shared world.

He also claimed that it is common for gamers not fully understand the metaverse concept because they are already experienced with avatars and voice interactions within connected worlds.

Additionally, Phil Spencer addressed the possible impact of cryptocurrency on the gaming industry. The gaming division CEO is worried about implementing cryptocurrency into games because it could encourage a culture of play-to-work where some players would only join the workforce in order to make money.

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