Breakdown in the case of the USS Zumwalt Radar of the most expensive destroyer in the world must be replaced

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A new breakdown of the “USS Zumwalt” – Radar of the most expensive destroyer in the world must be replaced

The whole class suffers from the fact that it is primarily geared to combat land targets.

The whole class suffers from the fact that it is primarily geared to combat land targets.

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The destroyers of the Zumwalt-class will be accompanied by glitches and Cost overruns. Newest Problem: The radar system can fight enemies in the air and at sea sufficiently.

The destroyers of the Zumwalt-class should dominate the seas and is technically a huge leap forward. In fact, the whole project is a Disaster that has no end. The three ships of the class “USS Zumwalt,” “USS Michael Monsoor”, “USS Lyndon B. Johnson” will be sought from the mishaps and difficulties of home, since then they have built. Just one example is the main weapon of ships is: you should rehabilitate with a huge range of the cannon again. However, it was found that the projectiles were measured in terms of their destructive power is very expensive. (See: “800,000 dollars per shot: super destroyer de facto disarmed is”)

And “somehow” had you overlooked in planning, that the increased range of the ship’s cannon is far below that of Anti-ship missiles. So it is today, it appears impossible that a ship of the Zumwalt-class comes even close enough to an enemy to use cannon.

To save costs, create costs

The Radar, the Pentagon wanted to reduce costs, and the cuts lead to more spending. And it happened: to curb the exploding costs of the project, was in 2010, decided to cancel one of two planned radar installations. Well, it turns out: The Amputation was not without consequences. The remaining system is not powerful enough. If the old dual System, would have met all of expectations, is controversial. The only certainty is that the stripped-down system for the ships is unsuitable to fight with your air and ship targets. An Alternative for the three ships to be found, which means that the already installed and paid for, and equipment must be removed and scrapped. Of course, the date on which the ship is capable of shifts.

Unsolved Software Problem

With the new Radar System, the Zumwalt-class will have to be solved. Because the destroyer does not work with the “Aegis Combat System” of the US fleet. Aegis serves not only to control the Sensors and weapons of a single ship. Aegis also handles the information about the individual ships and weapons systems. A missile destroyer can, for example, receive target data from an aircraft. The Pentagon acknowledges that the U.S. Navy is assured by the Aegis System, with its networked information is a distinct advantage over the Navies of other countries. Just that it is not the most modern destroyers available.

The three ships, the use of are not yet ready for a long time, have so far gobbled up $ 26 billion. The Chinese missile cruiser of the type 55 is going to cost according to estimates of Western experts in Beijing, per piece of about 800 million. For 26 billion, China would have to get an Armada of 32 ships.

Source: The Drive

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