BVB captain Marco Reus: Its frustrations-finish is not acceptable

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Borussia Dortmund
BVB captain Marco Reus: Its frustrations-finish is not acceptable

Marco Reus sneaks in the game against Eintracht Frankfurt frustrated with the space

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BVB captain Marco Reus plays a season of UPS and downs, as the whole team. His behavior in the case of the substitution is for a guide players still embarrassing. A leader is not playing the Insulted, but shows that the Team is to continue to fight.

Jochen Tittmar

Marco Reus had in the recent past, a lot to endure. First, the nasty was because of Herthas Vladimir Darida three weeks ago, gave him a bruise on the ankle and the last three countries duty games cost before the European championship.

As the captain of Borussia Dortmund had to remain at home, pushed him to the club media in front of the camera. There he was with the singer Sarah Lombardi games duel for a BVB Sponsor and dialogues from hell.

What impact might such a “Show” for the club, to some extent, but for all business enterprises in the professional football, everyone can judge for himself. Less ambiguous is the outer effect, which is associated with a substitution of Reus is there already.

Edin Terzic is trying to appease

The 31-Year-old is as a game guide and a native of Dortmund, the flagship of the BVB. To him, looked to him for listening, internally as well as externally. It is, therefore, considerably more than “not a big issue,” as the interim coach Edin Terzic Believe on Saturday wanted to make, if Reus, if its already 20. Replacement in 38. Game creeps listless from the square.

The context here is the music: Dortmund was with Eintracht Frankfurt in the “endgame” for qualification to the Champions League for the club, of outstanding importance. It is 1:1, ten minutes before the end of the match moved back and forth. And Reus was not in a hurry. He asked instead, his frustration to Show.

This is a behavior that is not accept of such an experienced captain simply. Terzic has, of course, quite right when he stresses that Reus’ dissatisfaction in this Moment “is human”. But both him and Reus is certainly aware of the symbolism behind such images – and what a benevolent resonance Marco Reus would have met that would have roots going to the sidelines, the team-mates and motivated.

It is Reus and his club was also not well-to-face, as he expressed to the late, but by no means undeserved defeat at FC Bayern were a month ago right-wing populist criticism of the referee. Also at the 2:4 defeat against Gladbach in January in Mönchengladbach Reus way fired the Ball and then his shoes, as he had after 71 minutes down an assistant referee he missed back then, only barely.

His form of crisis has to do with injuries to

That Reus of a ride this season, only eight games over 90 minutes of the best, has to do with the injuries to the affected already in the last years of his career over the course of the negative. Six months he had been before the start of the season and the year, so intense was, and still is, an attempt to distribute loads so well. Early substitutions did not come with good reason.

But they were justified often with Reus’ services, because of the 44-times capped kicker plays his date is probably the weakest of the season. After 25 League games only three goals are to book, as few as never before in his career. In the past two seasons, he came to 28. Also in the Premier class since 16 matches no Reus-to marvel at the more hits, the last dated from the beginning of October 2018 against Monaco. Add to an old problem: He is regularly subjected to large-scale opportunities – currently, its recycling rate is only 25 percent.

It is not so, that Reus would have delivered this year, no good games. BVB wins convincingly, usually a percentage, regardless of the personal yield. Too often, however, the encounters walked past him, his influence, especially in the many critical phases was low, the pace and liveliness were missing him. You expected more from him, this exposed position, he has worked in all the years and deserves.

That is currently far behind the claim here, know as quite self-critical known Reus, of course, another explanation for the quite a few frustrations-moments in a very Dortmund very bumpy season. Both, the in-game leader and his Team, in the season final sprint now powerful stretch to even greater disillusionment away.

Joachim Löw wants to watch him closely

And also, in order Reus safely on the train to the European championship starts up. “We will be watching its development closely, and hope that he can continue the positive Trend to continue,” said Joachim Löw two months ago. In the last international break of the coaches stressed, Reus need “absolute Fitness” to be part of the DFB-team.

It would still come as a surprise, should not Löw take the Dortmund to EM. After 125 minutes of the 2012 European championship, as well as 210 in the 2018 world Cup, the tournament for Reus is one of the last opportunities to reach this Level in his career.

The competition in the battle for spots in the attacking midfield, however, is large. Reus can be neither his nomination is still possible starting line-up opportunities for sure. A Reus as a benchwarmer at the European Championships, also it would provide a special effect.

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