Nigeria: Nearly 2000 prisoners from the prison, freed

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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel is an award-winning national affairs columnist with the Toronto Star who writes about anything and everything. She got her start at Maclean's Magazine where she wrote frequently about women's issues, LGBT rights, and popular culture.

In the West African state of Nigeria, Gunmen have stormed on Easter Monday in a prison in the southeastern state of Imo, and more than 1,800 prisoners freed.

The prison authority announced on Monday, has attacked the prison in the city of Owerri by heavily armed men. The attackers set fire to the information, according to explosive devices, in the adhesive to penetrate the institution, she delivered an exchange of fire with the prison guards. A spokesman for the prison authority in Imo was initially unable to say how many prisoners escaped exactly.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack on the prison as an “act of terrorism”. He called on the security forces to catch the prisoners and their deliverer. The Governor of the neighboring state of Abia imposed for the protection of the inhabitants of a nighttime curfew in the two cities.

It was unclear who was behind the act. Imo belongs to a Region in the South of Nigeria, which has Long been characterized by conflicts with the ethnic group of the Igbo. The Pro-independence movement, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) had recently released Internet videos, in which dozens of its fighters were to see the workout. After a Fight with soldiers, the authorities had imposed the beginning of the year a curfew in Parts of the Imo.

A similar large-scale campaign of liberation there had not been in the town of Benin City, where there is also a prison attack had been.

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