Bundesliga in star-Check: gate-Tristesse, home complex and verbal skirmishes

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star-Check League
Gate-Tristesse, verbal skirmishes and a strange home complex

Stuttgart’s captain Gonzalo Castro is against Hertha player Zeefuik. At the end of the riser brought the Berliners to the third defeat of the season.

© Cathrin Müller / Picture Alliance

Without the own Fans in the back of the striker of the home team topped the fourth round of harmlessness. Measly five hits you made. The young Mainz coach to take on a trailer – and RB-striker Yussuf Poulsen applied for a job in Augsburg, with emphasis on the plaque for the gate of the month of October.

The games were in the football League

All of the results of the 4. Game day, the table and statistics for future Reference, you can find here starTicker.

The most controversial incident of the game tags

The grumbles after the fourth round of the game under the title of “Mainz as it is and (pretty much) everything wrong” places. For the Department of “verbal attack” is recommended this Time of the after the complete verstolperten Beierlorzer-out throw hastily-installed interim coach Jan-Moritz Lichte. The collar burst, as one of the 250 privileged Fans his frustration to the main stand gave free rein. The trailer had complained, as we Heard that the 05 could work in the entire 90 minutes, again hardly a real chance of the game. The did not want to let the light sit. “The last Time you’ve been complaining about too little use, and today about the lack of scoring chances”, said the 40-year-old Coach, in heated discussion on the gang, among others. In an Interview with Sky, he defended the action. “It belongs here, discuss it, and that I try to live.” If you have to keep in emotional verbal battles with Fans, it will show.

The fact is: After four Games, Mainz are still without a point. Two measly goals for Mainz in the previously completed 360 minutes. The light was still cheering, not a single Time. Instead of getting angry about verbal failures (rightly) eroded the Fans, should be light, and bring His energy to the space. Otherwise, the next blow to the neck threatens in the next home match against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

P. S.: Mainz scored in the game against Bayer Leverkusen, according to the statistics, exactly six Times in the direction of the enemy goal. His gloves, the Finnish Keeper Lukas Hradecky in the experiments had to make a single dirty.

The winner of the game day

Even if he is reluctant in the heart: One of the big winners of the game tags BVB-Trainer Lucien is Favre. The shrewd Swiss dared to set a goal machine Erling Haaland on the Bank, of all places in the game for fear of opponents Hoffenheim. Also Marco Reus, the heart of the gallery, had to stay outside. “We need to be reasonable,” said Favre of his wise measure would be to him like a defeat may be on the feet. The 20-year-old Norwegian storm tank was gone in the Nations Cup within three days, two Times over almost the full distance (and had shot Norway with three goals at the 4:0 against Romania). Favre had the right instinct. He sat first on Julian Brandt as the sole top. In the 64. Minute succeeded the 62-Year-old of ultimately game-changing move. Barely ten minutes Haaland and Reus played in Sinsheim on the court, as operated, the Youngster of the BVB captain the pattern to be valid. Shot. Goal. And for Favre, the first victory against TSG since his arrival in Dortmund two years ago.

Loser of the game day

In addition to the already mentioned people of Mainz, which is not in here, this Time of Bruno Labbadia and his Hertha. No other club in the Bundesliga to claim and reality diverge so blatantly as in the case of the “Old lady”. The is already after four days of play on the floor of the international ambitions formulated by Klinsmann’s successor to Jens Lehmann in his new role as a Supervisory Board keck, as far as the Cologne on the Spree, changed storm-new signing Jhon Córdoba of the top scorer. “Silly,” called coach Labbadia the already ongoing discussions about his Person and the restraint on the part of chief days. Despite the three defeats in a row for sure (yet) out of place and yet also the former Top striker has to ask themselves, why to be quite attractive and high-caliber staffed squad, to the compilation of which he himself was involved, so far, only three counters on the side.

To the glory of salvation is not to be beat at this point, that the Berlin had shown, on the third round, a remarkable achievement. For each of the three goals against record Champions Bayern Munich, but there was not even a flower pot. They also showed, however, that in the Hertha more footballing class than the capital-Kicker revealed in the case of the weary 0:2 home defeat against the effective, but not superior climbers VfB Stuttgart open.

And Hertha would not be alone in the rain: loser of game day, the eight other home teams. None scored more than a goal. The frustrating balance prior to the because of the corona pandemic, usually only a few hundred spectators, four draws and five defeats. Even the supposed home-field advantage seems to be none more, since in the stadiums, more or less, a gaping Void prevails. Only twelve Times the hosts were in the previous 36 games as a winner. 24 Time, the guests took at least a point home with them.

This gate you should see (again)

Bundesliga in star-Check: Yussuf Poulsen sends the Ball in the direction of the Augsburger Tor

“A goal like a work of art”, exultant, the Sky commentator after the volley of RB Leipzig’s Yussuf Poulsen for the 2:0-final in Augsburg, Germany.

© Matthias Balk / DPA

In a round with a football of a lean goal-based diet and a regular diet, there were no two opinions as to whom the credit for the hit of the day. In the 66. Minute of the game, sent RB coach Julian nail man his Danish all-purpose weapon, Yussuf Poulsen on the field. And even before the exchanged Emil Forberg wrapped up warm and the mouth-nose protection deal had plucked, clanked it in the case of Augsburg, a new Keeper Rafał Gikiewicz. 26 seconds, the Fans, the statistics stopped. A ball contact filed Poulsen duration of the burner, in order to decide the game. Dani Olmo stroking the ball from a Central Position soft as butter to the left foot of the striker and sent it to the leather directly, and with full risk in the direction of the gate. Two seconds later, the Ball strikes the far post. “A goal like a work of art”, exultant, the Sky commentator rightly ecstatic. “We will show you this goal from all angles, we have.” And it looked from all perspectives as the goal of the month of October.

Image of the day

Bundesliga in star-Check: Bayern wall jumps, Douglas Costa is behind it

The Slapstick-contribution of the game tags returnees Douglas Costa at the 4:1 victory for Bayern on the Bielefelder Alm delivered. In the 76. Minute flew first Corentin Tolisso after a Notgrätsche from the square. In order to prevent a low shot under the wall, through it, placed the Brazilian Costa, behind his team-mate on the lawn. It is very clever to put with the face direction of the Ball, tried him, Müller and Hernández to explain. First of all, in vain. Costa turned, though, and just on the other side of the body. Finally, a light went on in the 30-Year-old but still. The laughs of his teammates were still safe. The free kick brought in (of course) nothing.

© Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images

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