Swollen Eyes? These home remedies help!

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What are the (home)funds will help against puffy eyes?

Too little sleep and dry heating air for puffy eyes

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A quick glance in the mirror in the Morning enough to detect whether you are recovering to start the day – or not. The eyes are tired and swollen, to come, several reasons to question. What are the causes behind it and how it can relieve the symptoms is explained in this article.

Swollen eyes after a short or a night of drinking are not uncommon. The Same is true for tears of the day, the looming, at the latest, the next Morning, in the face. And also typical allergies such as hay fever can cause the parts to grow around the eyes due to fluid retention volume. This looks neither nice nor does it feel good. The (house-)medicine with helpful tips and Tricks, the symptoms to counteract. What they are and why there are still more causes of puffy eyes encourage, you can find here.

Puffy eyes: The possible causes

In addition to the already mentioned reasons, there are still a handful of other causes, which can contribute to puffy eyes, for example:

  • As is so often the wrong leave Diet as well as excessive Alcohol consumption visible marks on our skin: If you drink too oily and salty food (especially in the evening) or too much alcohol can cause puffy eyes in the Morning – caused by accumulated lymph fluid under the skin.

  • Who the whole day in front of a Monitor sit must, suffer more frequently from dry eyes and as a result, under swollen eyes. The Same is true for people who regularly Contact lenses wear. Due to the warm heating air in Winter, this effect can be reinforced even more, that the eyes dry out and swell.

  • The Age as well as our The genome two factors, which can contribute to puffy eyes: are also bags in the family are not uncommon, they tend with age, may be tissue, more flaccid binder so that the natural fat pad bulging out the eyes and thus swollen.

  • Also, of course, a bacterial or viral disease or infection of the eyes can lead to these are swollen, as, for example, a Conjunctivitis or a Barley grain. If your eyes are burning and itching, or you notice a foreign body, you should consult a doctor and clarify.

Tips: you can relieve puffy eyes

Unfortunately, you only temporarily under the swollen eyes, there are a couple of easy (home)funds, with which the symptoms can relieve, such as:

  1. Tip: Many people find it particularly pleasant, if cool your swollen eyes. For this you can use an ordinary Eye mask or use a teaspoon (both of which should be kept in the fridge) – in both cases, the cold and smooth surface has a calming effect on the skin.
  2. Tip: Or you can use a so-called Jade or rose quartz Roller. The stones should also have a cooling effect on puffy eyes. By the Rolling, it is suggested, also, the blood circulation in order to small lines and wrinkles counteract – thus, you solve two beauty problems at once.
  3. Tip: A tried and tested home remedy for puffy eyes are is cut slices of cucumber from the fridge – fresh, of course. You can bring two advantages: they cool the skin and provide it with moisture. Lay the slices for a few minutes on the closed eyes.
  4. Tip: Alternatively, you can also use tea bags on this Beauty Trick:. You to cook either a black or green tea, leave the bag in the hot water as usual and put then in the fridge. The tea bags are completely cooled down, place it on your swollen eyes.
  5. Tip: So-called Eye Roll-Ons should also alleviate the first signs of tiredness in the face and on top of that dryness-induced wrinkles can be prevented. The cooling gel is applied using a roller on the affected areas and must then move in shortly.
  6. Tip: If all the tips and Tricks that can align with you, nothing, you still have another possibility: you are about makeup, the swollen eyes. Use a Concealer in your skin tone, your natural complexion to maintain and create an even complexion.

When should better go to the doctor?

If your eyes are for no apparent reason, swollen and other symptoms such as Burning, itching, or pain in addition, you should consult an eye doctor. Especially if your eyesight is affected, it is always better to have an expert advice.

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