Sweden’s infection Numbers are on the rise. Despite, or because of the special path?

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“A difficult autumn”: Sweden’s infection Numbers are on the rise. Despite, or because of the special path?

A sticker in the rainy Stockholm know, the distance rules

A sticker in the rainy Stockholm know, the distance rules


The Swedish exceptionalism in the corona crisis has been widely discussed. After an initially relatively high infection and death numbers decreased in summer. But state epidemiologist warns Anders Tegnell now before the autumn.

Who has recently made a detour to Stockholm, which is going to be like in a different world occurred: The travel with the full Tunnelbana, U-Bahn, the Swedish capital, acts as a präcoronageschichtlichen time – masks as well as no one, on Display, and stickers will only be noted that you should keep distance to his fellow travelers. Also on the shopping street Drottninggatan life appears to be almost like in the year 2019. This shows that Sweden still retains its exceptionalism in the fight against the Coronavirus in the autumn of loyalty.

However, in the Scandinavian EU country with the extensively-discussed Corona-strategy is not to go back to rising infection numbers, as well as to Germany and the Rest of Europe. On Thursday 3254 new infections and, therefore, as many as never before since the pandemic onset within 24 hours were added in the database of the health authority Folkhälsomyndigheten. Only on Wednesday the day had risen in value, for the first time in 2000, and already in the past week, the number of registered new Corona cases, was shot by 70 percent compared to the previous week in the height.

Anders Tegnell a case, put into perspective the numbers and warns of the fall of

“It may look like we have more cases than in the spring. But this is not true,” said the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell – for many, the face of the special path – on Thursday on one of his innumerable press conferences to the Corona location. The spread in the population at that time was many times greater, however, not to have had, at the time, in the Least the same capacity to the Test as it is today. Nevertheless, balance-sheet Tegnell, that the situation in Sweden is deteriorating increasingly. Already on Tuesday he had made clear: “It is a difficult autumn, and it is probably even more difficult, before this is over.”

In Germany, the opinion that Sweden could do in spite of the pandemic continue to be what they wanted. That is not true. Also in Sweden the Corona were taken-measures that, among other things, to the General distance calls, large hold events and meetings with more than 50 participants is prohibited. Visits to nursing homes were prohibited until the beginning of October months. The scientifically highly controversial herd immunity was never a stated goal of the health authority, such as Tegnell on several occasions had emphasized.

Not all of it is loose in Sweden

What’s wrong: The Corona-measures were much more liberal than in most other countries. Shops, Restaurants, and schools remained consistently open to make a recommendation to Over-70-Year-old for the avoidance of contacts was taken back a week ago even. Overall, it was not working with a strict Forbidden on the containment of Coronavirus belong, but with recommendations, advice and appeals to the common sense of citizens.

Most of the Swedes followed, and follow, many of them are, for example, as of authorities page recommended long changed to the home office. But not all heed the calls, most recently, recordings of dense crowds in a hip nightclub in Stockholm showed. To go “to close parties, the risk of increasing the spread of infection: no, that’s not wise,” said the head of government Stefan Löfven to the “Aftonbladet”.

Sweden: only in the event of a problem, then relaxation

The exceptionalism is for Sweden compared to Germany and the Rest of Scandinavia, with high infection and death numbers coincided. Until today, there were more than 121.000 infections and more than 5900 Deaths in connection with Covid diseases in the country – to the 100,000 residents down to the double infection and almost five times as high death numbers are calculated as in Germany. Especially the high number of Covid-dead in the nursing homes regretted Tegnell. The Corona-Figures went back on the road in the summer only a few weeks later than elsewhere.

Now it looks for the Swedes, in spite of the escalating situation better: In the case of the new infections in the past 14 days, per 100,000 population of your country is slightly below the values for Germany and Denmark. Europe can boast of at the moment, only a few countries have even lower Numbers, including Nordic neighbours Norway and Finland.

Concern in many regions of Sweden

Nevertheless, the alarm shrill in Sweden bells: Especially in the Region around the University town Uppsala, North of Stockholm, as well as in the southern Swedish Skåne (Scania) a rise in infection numbers, from Stockholm itself and in the regions of Västra Götaland around Gothenburg and in Östergötland the alarming signals are also coming. “Overall, we are in a very different position than the one we had just a week ago. And this is a serious situation,” said skåne’s leading infectious activist Eva Melander on Tuesday.

This has consequences: In Skåne, the people are 17 on a provisional basis until the. November encouraged contact with people from other households as well as public transport and social events such as football games and other sports. Similar considerations apply already for a week in Uppsala, on Thursday, the measures were extended to the Stockholm capital region, Västra Götaland and Östergötland. All of these are “allmänna råd”, General advice – is forbidden in Sweden only reluctantly.

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