Sputnik V is to be Russia’s newest Export-Coup – the Land of self-inoculated, however, hesitant

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Waiting for Impfeffekt
Sputnik V is to be Russia’s newest Export-Coup – the Land of self-inoculated, however, hesitant

Only about three percent of Russians is vaccinated against Corona.

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“The best vaccine in the world,” that is, writes to Vladimir Putin, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. The active substance is intended to be for export. In Russia itself, but the Impffortschritt has been slow. Even Germany is now faster.

Russia is cheering, sold its vaccine Sputnik V as a global product. The daily reports of the country to the Corona vaccine recall the days when the proud space nation, in turn, as first into space. Therefore, the vaccine is the first satellite – Sputnik – named as the head of the state-owned Russian direct investment Fund purchases, Kirill Dmitriev, proud of highlights. Just recently, Russia’s top marketers of preparation, the world press has called to reports of new Successes. “India is 60. Country that has approved Sputnik V. A milestone,” he says.

However, an EU approval is not in sight. Currently, experts from the European medicines Agency (EMA) are in Russia on the go, because they have a lot of questions to the previously submitted to the Russian data. You can visit clinics, where is vaccinated, production facilities and storage rooms. A decision by the health expert Jerome Lepeintre in the case of the EU delegation to Moscow in June or July. Then Sputnik is intended to be used in Germany, if it is approved.

Export hit with a question mark

Three billion people lived in the 60 countries that could previously approved Sputnik is a huge potential, stresses Dmitriev. Now he wants the EU approval forth. Sputnik is intended to be for export. However, in international comparison, the preparations about Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna, the agent drops off significantly. Also Dmitriev is often asked questions relating to a specific production figures unanswered.

Russia’s vaccination officials see a long-standing criticism, you would not have to deal transparently with Numbers. Independent experts believe that Russia can deliver only a small fraction of the internationally agreed doses at all. Well over a Million Sputnik doses alone has obtained Hungary, according to official figures. The country has been admitted as the sole member of the EU, the vaccine nation, without the EMA to wait for a decision.

Only three percent of Russians vaccinated

Who looks in the Russian state television reports of large-scale staged Sputnik-V-transports about to Latin America, will soon gain the impression that the vaccine has conquered the world. Western supplements play no role in it. Many regions in Russia are even complaining about the shortage of supply had to be, how self-Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin give. According to Putin’s information only 4.3 million people have received the required injection. That was almost three percent of the 146 million inhabitants.

In Germany, the corresponding vaccination Coverage is twice as high. 6 percent of the population received according to the Robert Koch Institute in the past, the two necessary injection is administered. As in space travel, Russia, compares himself but most of all with the United States, where vaccination Coverage is over 20 percent – more than Vaccinated 70 million to complete. The official statistics in Russia have only the new infections a day under 10,000 cases, and the death of numbers of over 300 of the day. No Impfzahlen.

Production faster

Russia has in addition to the internationally known vaccine Sputnik two more: EpiVacCorona and CoviVac; it was “the best vaccine in the world,” Putin said. The 68-Year-old has his first shot missed, but will not tell, for what is the vaccine, he decided. However, he made recently, steam, the production sets would be. Away from Moscow, where vaccinations are even Shopping at the Mall, there are in the province of often long waiting times.

Purchases-in-chief Dmitriev announced that India would soon be the main production site for Sputnik V. Five production sites are already fixed. More will be added. “In the summer of to 50 million doses can be transferred.” In China and Korea, Russia wool by Moscow Gamaleja-Institute has developed a vaccine to produce.

Announced by the Russian pharmaceutical company R-Pharm also, that in the Swabian town of Illertissen of June or July on a monthly basis millions of doses by the Band could run. “We will make every effort so that it can go in the summer,” said the R-Pharm-Manager Alexander Bykov, the German press Agency in Moscow. “We have the equipment already there and the squad.” Bayern secured before a possible EU-approval 2.5 million doses. “It is a highly effective vaccine,” said Bavaria’s health Minister, Klaus Holetschek (CSU).

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