RKI: 8685 Corona infections in Germany, the R-value significantly more than 1

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News of the Coronavirus
RKI: 8685 Corona infections in Germany, the R-value significantly more than 1

A Corona-a quick test: In Germany infected again thousands of with the Virus

A Corona-a quick test: In Germany infected again thousands of with the Virus

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Survey: students see poorer career opportunities due to Corona +++ Halloween: the game industry expects losses due to the Corona +++ News for the Coronavirus pandemic in the constellation Ticker.

RKI: 8685 Corona infections in Germany

The health authorities have reported, according to the Robert Koch Institute from early Monday morning 8685 Corona infections within a day. Experience has shown that the numbers of cases are on Sundays and Mondays low, also because on weekends and less will be tested. On Monday a week ago, the number of new infections was within 24 hours at 4325. On Saturday 714 new infections was achieved with 14, a new peak since the onset of the Corona pandemic in Germany. The number of deaths in excess of the weekend, the brand of 10 000.

+++ More data and Figures for Coronavirus, you can find here +++

Overall, infected the RKI, according to since the beginning of the pandemic, nationwide 437.866 people with the Virus (as of: 26.10., 00: 00). The number of deaths associated with the Virus rose Monday to 24 to a total of 10.056. The RKI estimates that around 321.600 people are now recovered. The reproduction number, in short the R-value, was in Germany, according to the RKI-location report from the Sunday at 1.45 (the previous day: 1,36). This means that ten infected Infected nearly 15 other people. The R-value in each case forms the infection from happening about a week and a half before.

Survey: students see poorer career opportunities due to Corona

The Corona of a pandemic and its economic consequences, to submit to a survey, according to the career plans of many students over the pile. More than 40 percent believe that their career prospects in the past few months, have deteriorated, says the new “students study” by the consulting company EY. A good neighborhood has changed his plans and now wants to study, for example, longer, the industry to change, or rather not self-employed.

Although 79 percent of respondents were still satisfied or even very satisfied with their current personal Situation, it means more. In comparison to the previous survey in 2018 but that would be a significant decline.

Halloween: the game industry is expecting a loss due to Corona

The German Association of the toy industry expects due to the Corona-crisis, with losses in the Halloween business. The sales all around the March 31. October sun normally, according to the estimates of the expert group on carnival between 50 and 100 million euros, said the Association managing Director, Ulrich Brobeil. “The level of the last years is to be created,” he added, with a view to the sale of costumes this year. The sun, of course, the warnings that had very few cities already.

The original US-American custom is now also widespread in Germany. On the evening of the 31. October draw kids in scary costumes going from house to house and collect candy.

Little robot help out in Japan at the Corona-loneliness

Small robots are popular in Japan, while the Corona-pandemic is a growing demand as a replacement for human contact. So, more and more Japanese bought for their often far away in the province of living parents, you might not visit out of fear of a contagion risk currently, mechanical toys such as Sony’s robot dog Aibo, reported the Japanese news Agency Kyodo on Monday. Thanks to the toys, you could make sure that the parents are doing well. So Sony had designed the latest Version of the Aibo robot so that the robot dog can go in the household on patrol. The owner can set up areas in the house to watch the Aibo certain times. Robots like this in Corona-times also a certain amount of “healing” function, so as to Kyodo. So Aibo perceives a Smile or words of praise and thanks to Sensors also Caress on the head or back. In addition, the Mini can adapt to robots, thanks to artificial intelligence behavior to the reactions of the people. With the help of built-in cameras and microphones can remember the mechanical toys in addition, up to ten faces. Other robots, such as Qoobo of the company Yukai Engineering Inc, a fluffy pillow, to provide the user with warmth, and that can wag a tail, enjoyed currently significantly increasing sales figures, as Kyodo.

Saarland Prime Minister calls for unified Corona-catalogue of measures

The Saarland government, chief Tobias, Hans (CDU) has called on the Prime Minister to more solidarity in the struggle against the novel Coronavirus. “We need a unified catalogue of measures. The citizens want transparency, they want to know what happens if your County is red, yellow or green is classified,” said the CDU politician with a view on the next deliberations of the Prime Minister, with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) the “Rheinische Post” (Monday edition). “Of course, a district in the North must not be in the Lockdown, if the Numbers in the South are poor. But I hope that there is solidarity among the länder, because in the end, it can hit any state,” added Hans.

More than 52,000 new Corona-infections in France within 24 hours

The number of daily Corona-infections in France, has for the first time, the brand of 50,000 skipped. A total of at least 52.010 people with the novel Coronavirus were infected within 24 hours, as the health authorities said on Sunday evening. On Saturday, there were more than 45,000. Since Saturday, 116 new deaths have been reported. Thus, at least 34.761 people in connection with the Coronavirus have died since the beginning of the pandemic in France. Currently, more than 2570 people in intensive care units are reported to be treated. At the peak of the pandemic in the spring, there were more than 7000 patients. In the past 24 hours 1298 Corona were Infected in hospitals, a total of 16.454 people with symptoms in clinics were held on Sunday.


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