Making the Payment Processing Landscape a Little Less Rocky

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Jennifer Iyer
Jennifer Iyer
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The world has gone digital and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people and businesses are opting to manage payment across the digital space or using bank cards as opposed to cash. Billions of dollars are moved across the online space on a daily basis and having a payment card is a necessity in today’s world. 

This also means there are more payment options than ever before, from ApplePay to CashApp to PayPal. For a business, it can be confusing to offer multiple payment options and manage all of them simultaneously. This is where Rocky Road comes in to quell the storm and help businesses navigate the current landscape with more ease.

Changing the World of Payment Processing

When a consumer is shopping online and gets to the checkout page, most would expect to see an array of payment options, from debit and credit cards to PayPal and others. With the addition of installment payment options like ClearPay, there is more variety than ever before. But what constitutes a convenience for the customer translates to more work and greater processing complexity for the business owner. 

Many business owners would find this daunting but Rocky Road offers a solution. As a payment processor, Rocky Road can be incorporated into e-commerce websites to allow them to support multiple payment processors without the need for multiple setup processes which can be confusing. In addition to this, Rocky Road helps business owners support multiple currency options, thus increasing their potential customer base.

All this translates to a world of payment options for the customer who might be in any part of the world but will enjoy the ease of local payments. The integration of Rocky Road is also rather simple as their plugin is compatible with all major programming languages and platforms. By their account, Rocky Road’s payment processing system can be made live in less than an hour, and up to 30 payment options can be added. 

The business owner also has the option to design their payment page interface as they want, adding as many options as they desire. The accompanying Razorpay dashboard reports site activity to the owner in real-time, allowing them to make decisions based on the most recent data. Information on internal costs is also made available to the user and backend processes can be automated at a very low cost.

Payment data also helps the business owner to detect fraudulent transactions and stop them before they are completed. In terms of paying for Rocky Road, up to 56 payment options are available, whether monthly, annually, or custom plans based on the specific size and needs of the business in question. 

The Future of Payment Processing

It is clear that digital payments are the future of the financial world and it is also clear that the future of payments will not be limited to a singular payment option. For consumers, having multiple payment options is becoming the standard. For business owners, this means that it is compulsory to create a payment infrastructure that can accommodate all the popular payment options on the market.

Thankfully, with services like Rocky Road, they do not have to do this by themselves but can instead, automatically add as many payment options to their sites as they deem fit. The result of this is that such businesses can reach a wider market that can, in turn, pay for goods and services seamlessly. With the current trajectory of the e-commerce market, businesses will have to expand payment options lest they be left behind and thus, creating a simpler system for all involved.

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