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Sex toys for couples
Like a love swing can swing to your sex life

More fun with a sex swing? According to masters and Johnson, it is quite useful to bring movement into the sex life.

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If the love of life again a little more ease could use, may be a love swing the right tool. Sexologist Dania Schiftan explains the starwhy it provides word for word for swing.

Who’s sex toy of thinking, the first AIDS such as vibrators in mind. Game, fun and Sex but can also be a Love swing clubs. Sexologist and psychotherapist Dania Schiftan explains the starwhy it is suitable.

Love swing: This is how it is

First of all, it should be clarified, what a love swing – also referred to as a sex swing or Sling is actually and which variants there are. In General, three models are distinguished:

  • Seat Sling
  • Sling-Mat
  • Sling Bed

The Seat Sling is probably the most common and most popular love swing. It is usually made of padded shoulder straps and is adjustable. The straps are used to Hold and offer the possibility of different positions to try: You can hang your arms and legs in models with loops, and the Partner-to-be or turned away. It can be a Partner in the swing, and the other stimulates or you can use them together for a number of different positions. You can not only sit, but also to lie. Love this swing is so versatile.

In General, attached to the seat Sling with a customized distance to the ceiling – so that you can fit to your own body size. It is luxurious, very stable models, you can permanently fix if you know that this type of love game is regularly lived. A love swing offers The possibilities of the variety and of discoveringthat can provide a new impetus in the sex life. Sexologist Dania Schiftan, but also to remember: “he Who is not movement accustomed to not having his excitement either even or lose it quickly.” Therefore, it is certainly helpful to expect once grope and not too much.

For Beginners worth first of all, a very simple model without too many straps that you can attach to the door frame, in order to test whether this type of love game is for the sex life. Here, you can test out already, what are the options you have: whether Lying down, Sitting, whether it is face-to-face or away from you is only one in the belts or both – here you have to try what you like. If you Like the design and approach has been scanned, we can expand the Whole thing, and also other tools to add drag.

Sling-Mat and Sling bed less opportunities for acrobatic offer to Try out, but more support and comfort. Instead of only straps to carry the weight of the body, there is a Mat and a larger storage area that is supported by straps or metal chains. In the case of the Sling Mat positions are Lying in the supine and Sitting very comfortably, when the Sling bed-more in. But these models for swing – in the truest sense of the word.

Like a love swing word makes literally for a new impetus to

Why the love swing as a sex toy to generally be well-suited for? Sexologist and psychotherapist Dania Schiftan familiar with problems in sex life, and in her Book “Coming Soon” Tips on how to get to the orgasm study. The Effect of the love swing she explains: “A swing adds movement in the Sex. Movement is always good, the inner and the outer. You don’t bring a Fusion of the excitation, so that the Whole thing is so in a selective way, such as when it is stimulated, for example, only the clitoral head.”

A tool, such as a swing can Variety and new opportunities are also positions that you have not tested yet, to which you will find together Like to offer. So you can get to know each other together in a sexual sense. In addition, it connects swings directly with fun. And I also have a sluggish love life. The expert says: “The more I move, the more the Experience is distributed, and to Feel in the body, and the more intense, the Sex is.” A love swing so it can definitely be a useful Supplement for the love of life, and all-new, intense moments to open. In the end Dania Schiftan couples, but also on the way: “You have to, but can also laugh, because in such experiments, a lot can go wrong.” But also it can help bring back the fun into the love life.

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