Million for “Game of Thrones” and Hollywood-Superstars: The next round of the Streaming war

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The Upgrading of the Streaming services in the next round. After the Boom of the last year, Netflix and co. put on ever-larger names, in order to increase the glamour of your own site. Money plays virtually no role any more. But this has consequences.

Netflix instead of a Bar, the latest Blockbuster to rent instead of going to the cinema: The video streaming services are one of the big winners of the Corona-year 2020. But this year is likely to flatten the growth significantly. To be able to compete against the claim must provide the services, therefore, with ever larger attractions.

The most recent example of the Deal, the author, and producer George R. R. Martin, for the US service HBO Max has negotiated is. Five more series would develop on the Basis of his series “Game of Thrones” for the service. After HBO owes his greatest Hit of all times, you get the collaboration cost: Martin receives “an average eight-digit sum”, according to “the Hollywood Reporter”, this is likely to mean something between 40 and 60 million dollars – just for Martin.

The arms race in the battle for viewers

But the home channel of Jon snow and his dragon friends is not the only one who puts tons of money on the table. The other provider to equip powerful. For the Action Comedy “Red Notice” pays Netflix alone $ 20 million to Gage for each of the three main characters*indoor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Overall, the Streaming king is planning this year to $ 19 billion in Content spending in competitor Disney 8 to $ 9 million for Disney+are scheduled content.

The budget increases are a consequence of the increasing competition. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were a few years ago, virtually alone on a limb, increased with Disney and Apple TV+ for more powerful competitors in the Ring. Add to that dozens of smaller services, operated by individual TV stations, film studios or Internet providers. And all pursue the same strategy: With exclusive Content to bind the audience itself.

How much growth is still going?

But it is becoming increasingly difficult. After the great provider had made in the last year due to the Corona Lockdowns, once again, an impressive leap, should be to create a similar growth this year, barely. On the other hand, the Budgets, the budgets for Streaming are limited. Who needs already Netflix, Amazon Prime, and maybe another service like Disney+ provides good reasons to treat yourself to another service or to cancel an already booked.

Streaming and Whatsapp – as our use of the Internet to the climate harms

The feel, even the heavyweights. HBO, the largest Premium Pay-TV channel in the USA, wanted to take with its new service HBO Max is also the Online market to target. The runs despite numerous high-quality Exclusive content, a more leisurely pace. 41 million paying subscribers, to have between Streaming-offer and classic Pay-TV announced that the channel most recently, prior to the launch of HBO Max, it had been a year ago, nearly 35 million. However, the offer is limited currently to the USA.

How to grow faster, showed Disney: Only a little more than a year after the launch in November 2019, the service has exceeded the beginning of March, the magic mark of 100 million subscriptions. However, the group still has Large: by the end of 2024, you will want to double the subscriptions more than 230 million is the target. For comparison: The are more than 195 million has Netflix now – after decades of consistent growth.

Home theater hope

It is noticeable that more and more weight on films is placed. The self-developed TV series were long, the audience magnets for Netflix and co. that is now coming to the Streaming-enhancing Hollywood Feel to it. In a preview of the film of the year 2021 in the case of Netflix, the Stars and the Jack in the Hand. Self-Hollywood icons such as Leonardo DiCaprio now exclusively Streaming service in front of the camera. Alone in the Thriller “Don’t Look Up”, in which he takes the main role, will be listed with Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and Chris Evans more radio stations as well as additional cast, as Netflix had housed a few years ago in an entire year.

In addition to the increased budget, the cause is likely to be in the change in the perception of the Streaming services in the Business. Earlier on TV and Streaming products were considered rather than a descent, and would be a sought-after Star as DiCaprio never let down. However, since even cinema greats such as Martin Scorsese for Netflix made movies and Streaming productions to win the major industry awards, the picture has changed.

The Corona-crisis has fuelled the development of even in addition. Because the big Blockbuster store was not closed all cinemas feasible, the industry in the waiting position. Many film releases have been moved to the back, the James Bond film “to die No time” has been pushed from its original date in April 2020, initially in the autumn and now the same for a further year to the rear. However, a lot of Studios don’t want to wait any more: Disney released its top title of “Mulan” in last summer’s short-hand online, Warner Bros announced last year, all of the top the same time as the theatrical release for HBO Max to offer.

“It makes no economic sense”

In the industry, which is seen as critical. “Some of the greatest filmmakers thought last night that they are working for the best film Studio. Today in the Morning you found out that you implement for the worst Streaming service railed by Christopher Nolan, the Director of Hits like” Inception “or” The Dark Night “according to the announcement from Warner Bros. to work” His Theory is that The big Blockbuster cinema with the money from Streaming revenue permanently. “The decision makes sense economically just don’t make sense”, is Nolan for sure.

In the face of competition, it will remain the Streaming services, but there’s nothing left, the arms race, to participate, to the audience*keep interior or even gain new ones. The long working Netflix method, always new shows to the audience to let go of, has the disadvantage that is increasingly rare, the same content can be consumed. The so-called Watercooler effect, that in the Morning all the talk about the new episode of a series is in order. With major film releases could be used to generate the re-propagated.

Whether this is worthwhile financially, is another question. The arms race is in the money. The subscribers get to feel: With Netflix and Disney+ last two of the most important services have increased their subscription fees. In the case of Netflix, it has begun to offer a lot more shows than in the past when they were below expectations. On the duration of the competition will push for printing but also all the providers from the market. “Not every Streaming service has a right to exist,” said the former head of Disney+, Kevin Mayer, compared to “CNBC”. “Over the next few years winners and losers.”

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, CNBC

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