Formula 1 Start: mystery of Mercedes, Vettel’s doubt, Schumacher’s dangerous competitor

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The season opener in Bahrain
Mystery of Mercedes, Vettel’s doubt, Schumacher’s competitor: you must have the formula-1-starting know

The champion of the world and the famous apprentice: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher

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Only three test days were indulged in the formula 1 Teams ahead of the new season. The balance sheet: Mercedes loses possible way, its dominance, there are doubts as to Vettel’s new car and all the features Mick Schumacher. An Overview of the world Cup opener.

The Start will take place on Sunday evening (17.00 CET) in the desert. 20 racing cars are a lawn to the beginning of the new season, so, as it were, into the sunset – the perfect backdrop for the high-gloss-million-circus of formula 1. The Grand Prix of Bahrain-race, the first of the 23 world Cup. The traditional opener in Albert Park, Melbourne, is now in the second year of the Corona pandemic to the victim.

Nevertheless, the formula 1 struggles to return to normality. In Bahrain, approximately 10,000 spectators watch the race. A prerequisite is to have a vaccination or a history of Covid-19-disease. What other Grands Prix audience will be, you can’t predict, just as the course of the pandemic. The spirit race will also take place again.

In Bahrain, it is first to it: Which Team is well through the Winter, and has the small space are best to use? The power is shifting or driving Lewis Hamilton to his eighth world title? What are the challenges of Sebastian Vettel with his new Team, Aston Martin, and how the most famous son of formula 1, Mick Schumacher?

Here are the answers to the new season are:

Lewis Hamilton and the puzzles Mercedes

Especially a picture remained of the three days of testing in the memory, which also took place in Bahrain: Lewis Hamilton ended up with his black Mercedes in the gravel bed. The tail was broken. The new rules for the bottom plate to make the engineers of Trouble, the car, the Balance is missing. Mercedes graduated from the least rounds of testing of all the Teams and lost the favourite status. Many hope that the brutal domination of the world champion team is crumbling at last. It would do the competition. But Mercedes is known for its trickery known. In the past few years, you have tested with additional weight and then more slowly to be made. On the day of the race, voila, they were suddenly unbeatable. Therefore, many believe that Mercedes is bluffing. The truth is probably in the middle: is The most successful Team of the past few years has probably actually problems, but you can get quickly into the handle. Whether it will be enough for a victory in the season-opener, is open.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull stacking deep

The big favorite in Bahrain, Red Bull is, the Tests ran perfectly. Add to that driver number 1, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez has a strong, a new Partner at his side. Red Bull as the Team is likely to work better. However, despite the impressive test results for all responsible stack as team boss Christian Horner tremendously deep. The Tenor of all the Interviews: Mercedes play poker, Mercedes remains a favorite. Such statements include, to the usual mind games in the formula 1, and are (mostly) little credible. Nevertheless, the hope is justified that Red Bull is the great Dominator are at least equal.

Mick Schumacher in the fight against the oligarchs-son

The return of the name Schumacher electrified the world of formula 1. It’s fitting that the famous shortcuts MSC returns. Mick Schumacher renounces his previous SCH, and assumes his father’s. Nostalgia means of the formula 1 a lot, she lives by its own myths and legends. You are your non-fuel. The young Schumacher knows this and supports the great longing. This speaks for its self-awareness. It sounded in the past, always believable that he wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of his Father. He has doggedly pursued his goal of becoming a formula 1 driver. Schumacher jr. knows best, that he will ride in the Haas race cars barely above the rear ranks and beyond. On exciting the team Race against the Russians Nikita Masepin is, therefore, also he will be fresh in the formula 1. The young Russian is in every respect the opposite of the fast and unassuming Schumacher. Masepin is the son of an oligarch, and so far, only a Video noticed, in which he groped the breast of a friend. Its advantage: The money of his father holds the team Haas on life.

Sebastian Vettel and new doubts

After the frustrating years at Ferrari, which came to a total crash of the same, wants to attack the Four-times world champion in the Aston Martin again. The Problem: The Tests were really frustrating. The car showed some quirks, so to say are difficult. In the past season, Racing Point (now Aston Martin) was the fourth-best Team. Vettel is not to give the ambitious middle-class team of just a little sparkle, he should naturally support the development and racing of the billionaire Lawrence Stroll forward. For this, he may hope for podium places. However, the test runs suggest that the project is more difficult than Vettel has imagined.

Ferrari – the team

An additional Motivation for the 33-year-old Vettel could it be that he depends on his old Team on the race track. There is a Chance. Ferrari crashed in the last season complete. Vettel’s successor, Carlos Sainz, the number 1 is driver Charles Leclerc is intended to support. To test drives nearly two weeks ago, the new car made a slightly better impression, but more than a fine midfield space is unlikely to be in there. Ferrari will only have a Chance if starting in 2022, the technology is coming Revolution, which requires a completely new car. This year, the year-on-year modified cars basically. Ferrari ensure that remains the case, unless Leclerc due to his Talent are some of the Highlights.

Fernando Alonso returns

After two years of break, the 39-year-old Spaniard returns to the formula 1. Alonso should give the team Alpine F1 in the necessary class. Similar to the Aston Martin, it is hoped that a surge in development by a big name. The former Renault Team wants to finally move up to the top. The longtime team boss Cyril was fired Abiteboul and a new double-top installed. As you can hope for with the French, only that Alonso’s Bicycle accident is a few weeks ago, not a warning sign. The Spaniard had broken the jaw and now has titanium plates.

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