Covid-19: the Corona develop-Figures in children

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New infections and incidence
In the third wave: the Corona develop-Figures in children

The curve shows how the new infections in children under ten years of age have developed. An interactive Version can be found at the bottom of the article.

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Corona, as long as the widespread view that, in view of the age, especially a Problem, the higher the Elderly. Last updated incidences and new infections in children, however, are greatly increased, as data show.

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With a view on rates and new infections in the children seemed to stick for a long time largely of new infections spared. This has changed, as Figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) show.

The data form the reported new infections of the health authorities and the country from places such as the Seven-day incidences per calendar week since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. You divide the Infected in five steps according to age groups. The view in the Numbers makes it clear that the Elders in our society is demonstrated in the weekly new infections with the Coronavirus, the top places. The age group 30 to 34 years had the least.

Thus, the number of weekly new infections is roughly like in the Over-80-Year-olds compared to the peaks in the last year is growing rapidly.

In the Five – to nine-year-old, in turn, the values were above the maximum values of the past year – and rising. That now also more children will be infected with the Virus, especially the British mutant B. 1.1.7 attributed to the affects differently than the wild form of the pathogen are now increasingly becoming Younger. “Children and young people Transfers and the outbreak of increasing happen” is the name of it on the part of RKI.

A Covid-disease runs in children is usually milder than in adults. Typical adult symptoms such as a fever or dry cough may be absent, instead, occur in the Younger rather diarrhea, or abdominal pain. Despite the risk, to carry the Virus on day-care centres and schools in the families, not the Director of the centre for child and youth medicine at the University hospital of Mainz, Fred Zepp, to the ZDF children continue to be as a pandemic drivers. The Numbers, in General, would rise, teachers infections more frequently than students in the schools, so the expert. To counter this, is to be set in addition to the well-known measures in the future, more on Testing and vaccination of staff.

For more Details on the development of infection in the different age groups you can refer to the graphs below. In the views of 1/3 and 3/3, you can take different age groups, add or remove them.

Graphic: coronavirus infections according to age groups

Note: If the graphics are not shown in this article, please click here.

The below Animation shows which age groups have been replaced since the beginning of 2020 the number of new infections at the top.

Animation: Weekly development since the pandemic-the beginning

Sources: Robert-Koch-Institute, ZDF


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