Corona: These rules should help against the pandemic

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With more stringent measures the Federal government and the country want to break the second Corona-wave in Germany. But where are the rules that apply now? The most important questions and answers.

First the good news: in Principle, children and young people are allowed to go from Monday to more in day-care centres and schools. Who wants to shop, the shops are open. Whether Laundry, alteration, tailoring, or accountant – the everyday life goes on, albeit at a distance, masks and restrictions in places where there are outbreaks of Corona.

Need to restrict the Germans still, as of Monday, and not a small amount. Nationwide, Restaurants, Bars, museums, swimming pools, fitness studios, climbing gyms, cinemas, theatres, operas, include, in short: the places where people like to spend their leisure time, if you want to get out. And now that the Parks are getting wet and cold and it gets dark early. In addition to the strict regulations come from, how many people are allowed to be still – inside and out.

As always, there are the States that adopt such rules, therefore, there are differences. But unlike in the past few weeks, it should go in Germany, this time fairly uniform.

Why is it the part of the Lockdown?

The Corona-infection numbers are rising, more and more people are seriously ill. Many health offices don’t have the contacts of an Infected track. Before the health system is overburdened and the situation out of control, there should be a wave crusher”: Four weeks of strict restrictions, with the aim of, the number of personal contacts down. Unlike in the spring of the policy, we want to keep but day-care centres and schools open this time, and the economy as spare. Left of the leisure and culture area – and it hits particularly hard.

Who can meet now?

It depends on where you live. Basically, the Federal government and the Länder have decided that are allowed to meet in Public, only members of two house stands”, consisting of two apartments, and a total of a maximum of ten people. In housing groups of partying people, be unacceptable.” The leaves room. The rule applies to individual Meet – you’re not looking for a “Partner budget”, and for four weeks only.

Hamburg and Berlin, for example, do not want to count children under the age of 12 in the Two-household rule. Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria want to apply this rule also for private Meetings. In Bremen are entitled to two households meet, but also up to five persons who do not live together. In Saxony, members of the two houses may meet or hold a home state and five other persons, also from various house stalls.

What if your family members or friends in need of help?

In principle, the citizens should refrain from “unnecessary” trips and visits as possible – the mother, or to the Opa to assist the fallen of the stairs, it may be necessary. This also applies to visits to hospitals, Old people’s and nursing homes. Here different rules apply. Federal and state governments have stressed that this must not lead to a “complete social insulation” of the persons Concerned. It should soon be Corona-quick-tests for patients and residents, staff and visitors. Open remain also Social and youth provide assistance and guidance to emergencies, if possible, to intercept or prevent it.

Can you still eat away, drink and celebrate?

No Restaurants, Bars and pubs are allowed to receive no guests. Clubs and discos to have but, in General, already since March, and must remain tight. Delivery services and the sale of Take-away but remain allowed, so it was in the spring, for the most part. For the Gastro-industry, but this is at most a consolation – they protested violently against the forced break. Finally, many have invested in hygiene concepts, to be able to your guests sure to entertain. Canteens remain open.

How does it look with sports?

Of professional sport – for example, the League must dispense with spectators. A lot more people are likely to be affected by that fitness studios, swimming and fun pools, and other sports-have to close places. The Amateur sports operation is mostly set, clubs are no longer allowed to train. Allows individual sport, so about Jogging, walking or inline remains skating, alone or as a couple, or with your own household. There are exceptions here also, Berlin wants to allow children up to twelve years of Training in the fresh air in permanent groups of up to ten people.

What else is there to be due to Corona?

Almost everything, where people in the leisure time to entertain, or to relax: theaters, operas, concert halls, cinemas, amusement parks, saunas, gambling halls, casinos, betting offices, dance schools, brothels. It is worthwhile to look at the Details. For example, while in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, at least in the outdoor areas of the zoo remain open, such as the Zoos in Cologne and Stuttgart. In Thuringia, museums should open their doors for free-of-charge educational services.

Church services and demonstrations are not mentioned in the Federal-Länder decision, you should remain in the rule allows – subject to conditions. Some countries keep open libraries, folk or music schools, in Thuringia, at least in part on museums – here is a look at the regulations in the home is worth-state.

Can you go to the hairdresser?

Yes, hair salons are allowed to remain – subject to conditions – open, the “Corona-Mat” remains a phenomenon of the early year. Other services must, however, be times. Beauty salons, massage clinics, Tattoo Studios and more close. Possible medically necessary treatments, but remain approximately in the Physio-, Ergo – and speech therapy, and Podiatry. Saxony-Anhalt wants to keep, for example, cosmetic and tanning studios open, Thuringia holds a similar view – also here is a look at the Details in your own country is worth it.

Can you go away yet?

You should let it be and it is also quite difficult. From Monday, Hotels and other accommodations may include no more tourists, in many countries, tourists that are already there have to, at the 2. November, or soon thereafter, pack your bags and leave. But also day trips, the policy strongly advises against.

All of this really only applies in November?

For the first time, Yes. After two weeks, the Federal government and the Länder want to advise again, to “necessary adjustments” to make. Even now, some politicians acknowledge that there is of course no guarantee that the constraints remain really on November limited.

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