Christian Drosten: virologists for temporary Corona-Lockdown

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Virologist Christian Drosten has spoken in a Podcast for a temporary Lockdown. This would have several advantages.

The virologist Christian Drosten has called for a temporary Lockdown. “If the load is too large, then you have to take a break,” said the Charité-scientists on Tuesday published the result of the “Coronavirus-Update” NDR-Info. “This Virus can not negotiate with them. This Virus forces at a certain number of cases, just a Lockdown.”

Currently, the incidence in Germany is still comparatively low. “If we were to now occur once on the brake, then that would have a lasting effect. The would us commit quite a lot of time.”

Drosten for temporary Lockdown

Drosten described the advantage of a temporary lock downs that could, for example, exceptions such as open schools: “All knowledge a priori that is time-limited.” About three weeks a little more than a quarantine period, you need from the point of view of the scientist for it. “The incidence is reduced substantially thereafter, and is then lowered under certain circumstances, in the long term”.

This is a win-win for all. This planned Mini-Lockdowns, also Circuit Breaker” (circuit breaker) is called, there is already in Parts of the UK. They are intended to protect the System against Overload. One type of schedule to spring, with and without restrictions, so that the economy can plan. It was like a burden of a slope down race car,. If you come early, five seconds on the brakes, that there was a pretty long time. Maybe you don’t need brakes at all for so long and so strong.

Corona-quickly tests in groups

The virologist called for rapid tests in the case of infections in groups of people. If an Infected person had previously been, for example, in the office, should make any human a Antigen rapid test, “and in a quarter of an hour, we know whether we have here a Cluster or not,” he said. “Then we isolate the group as a whole.” The go faster than the standard PCR Test, the result of which one day would have to wait. It will need some time to make these decisions for such use in Germany, “and I have the feeling that we have less and less time”.

Almost two-thirds of citizens rely on, according to a YouGov survey, commissioned by the German press Agency so that it will come because of the sharply rising infection figures to closures of shops, Restaurants, or schools. On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel consults with the Minister presidents of the Länder on measures to contain the Coronavirus.


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