ZTX Metaverse Platform Partners With ZGM to Launch $ZTX-Enabled Prediction Competition

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  • ZTX Web3 platform has set a prize pool of $20,000 in its native token $ZTX to enable the betting campaign.
  • ZTX has targeted both Web2 and Web3 gaming users through the ZGM metaverse influencer management company.
  • While the ZTX campaign will kick off at the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit in Manila, anybody can participate through online forums.

The ZTX Web3 metaverse project has made significant strides towards smashing its entire 2023 roadmap, and all indicators point towards further momentum. In a bid to deliver a seamless virtual reality environment for the 4,000 District Home owners and value creation for the $ZTX token holders, the ZTX team led by Chief Futurist Alexx has dedicated resources to onboard more Web2 and Web3 users. In the latest move, the ZTX platform announced a strategic partnership with ZGM, a global metaverse influencer company, to facilitate the first-ever $ZTX-backed betting competition.

Notably, the ZTX betting competition is set to kick off during the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit that is taking place November 18 – 2 in Manila. However, the company highlighted that the global ZTX community can seamlessly take part in the competition and stand a chance to collect more $ZTX tokens. The ZTX metaverse platform has set aside $ZTX tokens worth approximately $20,000 as the prize pool for the competition to attract more betting enthusiasts. 

In order to participate in the competition, you are required to have a $ZTX balance and join the ZTX Discord server

What the ZTX and ZGM Leaders Think of the Competition 

According to the announcement, the betting participants should take notice that there is no direct payment or fee set in order to partake in the competition. Meanwhile, the ZGM team will work closely with the ZTX community to come up with several teams that will take part in the different metaverse games to enable seamless betting. 

“We are simply thrilled to offer a fun new way for token holders to use their tokens to unlock more experiences and entertainment value. In this pilot campaign, placing bets will not actually cost any funds and simply require participants to maintain a certain level of $ZTX token balance in their wallets to qualify for betting throughout the duration of the competition. Also, working with an experienced metaverse partner like ZGM has facilitated the event planning, and we’re excited to show a sneak peek of the various strategies we have in our roadmap to increase widespread adoption of ZTX and promotion of Web3 gaming,” ZTX’s Alexx noted

Similar sentiments were expressed by Wendy Heo, the Global Partnerships Manager at the ZGM platform, who added that it is vital for Web2 companies to work closely with Web3 projects to ensure mutual benefits and sustainable future growth prospects. The markets are similar for both Web2 and Web3 projects, but users have a unique way of demanding emerging technologies that are beneficial financially to all.

“ZTX has a strong, robust community in Web3 that we are curious about. Using our experiences building different types of content, games, and events on Web2 metaverse platforms, we wanted to find synergy to help bridge Web2 and Web3 communities through a fun event. We have had a lot of interest from top Web2 KOLs about ZTX and we hope that this event will be a tiny but nice glimpse of the expansive, imaginative offerings that the ZTX vision has planned,” Heo noted.

Adding on the matter, ZTX Web3 influencer partner, Altcoin Sherpa, highlighted that the campaign will help set $ZTX as a utility token amid the mainstream adoption of digital assets. Meanwhile, Altcoin Sherpa urged the crypto community to embrace the $ZTX token as more features, product updates, and campaigns are set to be executed in the near future. The ZTX official beta is slated to be released during the fourth quarter of 2023, hence bolstering the $ZTX token.

Worth noting that the ZTX team will release further details of the ZGM gaming competition in the coming days including rules through its social media accounts.

Market Picture

Earlier this year, ZTX closed its seed funding round with $13 million secured led by Jump Crypto with notable contributions from Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group. With the funds in place, the ZTX team has managed to successfully launch several products and ensure widespread marketing strategies. As a result, the $ZTX token that was recently launched has rallied about 41 percent in the last two weeks to trade around $0.014 as of this report. Worth noting that the $ZTX token is available for trading with different pairs on Gate.io, BingX, Bitget, Bybit, and MEXC crypto exchanges.

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