Meta Shakes Up AI Regulation Team Amid Generative AI Push

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  • Prior to banking on AI, Meta was fully dedicated to the development of Metaverse. 
  • Since the advent of the AI boom, Meta has been playing catch-up.

It has been revealed that social media behemoth Meta (Facebook) has abolished the department that oversees the regulation of its AI initiatives under development and deployment. Several members of the regulation AI team at Meta have apparently moved to the generative AI product team, while others have joined the AI infrastructure group.

The goal of Meta’s newly formed generative AI team is to create products that can produce language and visuals that are indistinguishable from those created by humans. It occurred when several corporations in the IT sector invested heavily in machine learning research and development to ensure they would not fall behind in the AI arms race. Since the advent of the AI boom, several of the major tech corporations, including Meta, have been playing to catch-up.

New Focus Post Metaverse

Nearing the conclusion of its “year of efficiency,” as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg put it during a February earnings call, the reorganization makes sense. So far, it has meant a wave of layoffs, mergers, and team realignments across industries.

Ensuring AI safety has been a goal of leading companies in the area, particularly as regulators and other authorities pay more attention to the emerging technology’s potential hazards. An industry organization dedicated to establishing security standards as AI develops was founded in July by Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI.

Prior to banking on AI development, Meta was fully dedicated to the development of Metaverse. To put it mildly, there have been some bumps on the road to making the metaverse a reality. As was reported at the end of last month, Meta’s Reality Labs division, where the company’s metaverse expansion initiatives are housed, has lost over $46.5 billion since 2019.

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