Wi-Fi change password: to protect your network

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Internet Security
Wi-Fi change password: to protect the Router and your home network

There are various reasons which make it indispensable in the home network with a new password secure.

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Who loves to be Wi-Fi, protects it is best with a tricky password. To guard it against attacks from the outside, this should be provider-assigned Wi-Fi to change the password from time to time. And this is the way to a new digital key.

It is Ellen’s long and cryptic. It is usually on the bottom of the router. The Wi-Fi Password. In the large PIN – and password-the jungle of our time, the Wi-Fi password is the personal code, you need the most. And if you need it, you just put the Router on the head and tap the key one character at a time. However, that is not only cumbersome and annoying in the long run. A password that is not changed for many years, is also a godsend for people with criminal energy. In order to protect the home network against cyber attacks, you should change the Wifi password in the own four walls from time to time.

How the models work for the most common Router and what is it when you Change the Wi-Fi to note the password else you will learn in this article.

Wi-Fi password change: be On the safe side

The Wi-Fi password is hidden in most of the cases, on an (easy-to-find) Sticker on the Wireless Router, the Internet providers provide their customers with the formation of the contract. And exactly this Router is also the key to an alternative Wi-Fi password that you can remember better – and your network at the same time a bit safer. In the best case, you change the Wi-Fi password directly after the Router has been set up. How the models work in two of the most common Router, read here.

Wi-Fi change password: So it will work with the Fritzbox

In addition to your Wireless LAN, your is personal Fritzboxso the device itself is protected with a password. To this Password to change, proceed as follows.

  1. Enter fritz.box in the address line of your browser
  2. Log on with the current password
  3. Click in the menu line on the “Logged in”
  4. Select the Link change password
  5. Type in the new password and click “OK”

In the second step, the Wi-Fi password can, which is also referred to as a Wi-Fi network key, be changed. To do this, login to fritz.box in to your Router. And so it goes.

  1. Are you looking for in the menu on the left of the item “Wi-Fi” and select the item “security”
  2. In the tab “encryption” is displayed, the current password (the so-called Wi-Fi network key)
  3. Use the mouse to select all the characters and you delete the password with “Del”
  4. Enter a new password
  5. Confirm the entry with a click on the Button””

Wi-Fi password change on speed port Router

Telekom continues to be one of the Big players in the German Internet market. Typically, customers receive with the conclusion of the contract a so-called speed port Router included. And to change the password on this device.

  1. Under http://speedport.ip on the Router Alternative: on (
  2. Enter device password
  3. Option 1: Via the menu item “security” in the menu “SSID & encryption”
  4. Option 2: On the “home network” and “Wireless basic settings” in the menu “Name and encryption”
  5. New password in the appropriate field to enter (for new devices, mind. 18 characters)
  6. Encryption technology (WPA2 or WPA2-Personal is correct)

The principle of how the Wi-Fi password is changed, it is simple and differs between the manufacturers of the various Router only marginally. Step 1 Login to the Router is basically. Sub-menu points, such as Wireless or security, you will find usually the Option to view and work with the old Wifi password and can change.

Wi-Fi password change: The deeper, the safer

Even in times, where Hacker, even for larger firms demonstrate almost daily how vulnerable their IT systems are included number combinations such as “123456” and the classic “password” to hold also in 2019 the Top 5 of the most common passwords in the German house. Because Criminals feel almost in their honor offended. Who does not want to make the hackers so easy, you should also note the Wi-Fi password, change some of the rules. The following points suggest the IT experts from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) in Potsdam for all the digital encryptions:

  1. Uppercase and lowercase letters, Numbers, and special characters
  2. if possible, no more than 15 characters
  3. Dictionary words are off-limits
  4. the software with a password Manager work
  5. no same or similar passwords for different services
  6. Two-factor authentication, if possible

No matter what Router you are changing the password: In the connection of the Wi-Fi connection for all network-connected devices such as Smartphones, Laptop, TV, speaker systems or other Smart Home Tools must be re-created.

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