Group p: Suspected right-wing terrorists, attorney General accused

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Emma Teitel
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The ethos of the dry farmer, Steffen B. from the vicinity of Magdeburg, there are different views. While he evaluates himself as a “politically center-right” that keeps him in the office of the attorney General for a notorious right-wing extremists.

Something to be said for the Version of the investigators: On the thigh of a 36-Year-old has a tattoo of Adolf Hitler in Uniform is emblazoned on the chest there is a swastika. In his apartment books found about “racial studies” and an axe with the Sigrunen and the word “Aryan”.

The Nazi insignia are pieces of evidence in a comprehensive calculation procedure will probably be negotiated soon, before the state security Senate of the higher regional court of Stuttgart: Steffen B. is one of twelve men to stand trial as members or supporters of a terrorist Association by the name of “group S.”.

The construction of a kind of militia

The Federal Ombudsman is convinced that the alleged right-wing terrorist cell by force, the population did want to massively intimidate and civil war-like conditions provoke. The hoped-for System roll-over trigger, should have discussed the members of the “group S.” stops on Green politicians, refugee homes, and, particularly intense, on mosques. Before it could come to the investigators, the men in February.

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