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Which sex toy is worth it for a beginner and what not

Sex toys can bring momentum into the love life. But not everything is suitable for beginners.

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Sex toys can enrich the life of love. But what toys are suitable for beginners? A Sexologist explains to the starwhat you should consider when using such tools.

If the love of life again a little more voltage could be tolerated, can sex toys help to increase the pleasure. But which sex toy is suitable for beginners? Sexologist and psychotherapist Dania Schiftan explains the star also, what to pay attention to the use of such tools should be – both as a Couple and alone.

Sex toys for beginners: This is worthwhile

Gentle Clitoral Vibrators

A majority of women comes to a climax when the clitoris is stimulated. Penetration, however, is often less effective. Who keys to so for the first time, Sextoys, for the might a Vibrator the right tools. The Vibration should be, and not too strong. In addition, the Vibrator should not have too many features, so it is better not to vibrate, and at the same time can suck that may be too much. Some women report that such intensive tools are beginning to get used to. Therefore, a gently boarding and, if necessary, increase the intensity. Clitoral vibrators can be used alone or as a tool that can come in the game of love between couples to use. It is always important to know that there is only one of many possibilities to Play with, and diversion should be offered.

Massage device

Massage devicesthat can be used for the clitoris , Breasts, testicles, but also the entire body, are great as a sex toy for beginners. Especially couples can stimulate each other, but also for the self-satisfaction of use. Here, too, at first gently and look at what the Partner or the Partner likes. Great to see in such a Massage device is that the entire body is massaged and touched. This can make for very intense experiences. But here, too: Such toys are one of many possibilities, and should be good to come in appropriate doses.

Love swing

A Love swing can be for couples, an exciting addition for the love of life. She brings movement in the game of love opens the possibilities for new positionsso that definitely brings variety and fun into the bedroom. For the beginning of a swing that you can attach to the door frame and has not so many belts will be worth it. Like the tools, you can purchase a more luxurious, extended model. And, you need a sense of Humor, because with such experiments can go at the beginning of something wrong. Laugh together, you should be able to so, also – but this can already provide a breath of fresh air in the bedroom.

Whip, bondage and co.

Ever since “Fifty Shades of Grey” try more pairs Shackles Whips and co. from. Because of slight pain, and BDSM can feel, for an increased pleasure. Try the best first simple tools, which might appeal to you and whether you would prefer to take the more dominant or the subordinate role. It takes but especially at the beginning of exact agreements and the trust in each other. you should inform what you should use. There is also a “Safe Word is not signaled” helpful that you have to go on, or immediately to the end would come.

Tenga Egg

For men, looking for a sex toy for yourself, the Tenga Egg initially, the right choice. The Tenga Egg is easy to handle: Inside the ice, a pack of lube, which you can give to the Opening of the ice and the Penis is located. This one leads into the Opening, and moved it up and down. Ribs and studs, and other tools that provide the eggs for special fun. If you think a Vagina or an Anus, can be All the more pleasurable.

What should not want to comply with the Beginner in the use of sex toys: directly too much. Who had no points of contact with it, should be slowly, to find out what you like. Too intense, it should not be on the top of the list, because a lot of also getting used to is the thing.

Tip: For most providers, you can Sextoys also discreet orderso that you can recognize on the basis of the packaging, what is in it. Who’s test so first of all, and may not open with the theme to work around, you can have the order for the best hand.

What you note as a Beginner in the use of a sex toy should

It is because something in the use of sex toys for beginners? Generally speaking, Sexologist Dania find Schiftan it “always good when there is change“. The use of sex toys can enrich the life of love definitely. “Sex toys includes the word ‘play’ and the power is always fun, funny and exciting. So, something Good.” Schiftan but it also says: “sex toys should not be always available. It is important to check how you can stand it, if everything is normal’. Sexual tension in the partnership is available if no tools are used?” Otherwise, you rely too much on tools and it is still harder without you intense climaxes. How can the orgasm of learning, explains Sexologist by the way, also in your Book “Coming Soon”.

The expert says: “I always have the rule: a Time with a Toy and a two-Time withoutso it stimulates also share by using tongue, fingers, Penis, and other parts of the body, and the Physical, Interpersonal, Emotional, not neglected.” Dania Schiftan finds, you should also pay attention to the use of sex toys alone, that are focused only on it and leaves. “Because otherwise, it will be harder to get on ‘normal’ way to orgasm.” Could also be “lazy” and it is a potential Partner to more difficult to make. Who uses metered sex toys but well, it can enrich definitely love-life.

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