Schongau: After Corona-outbreaks – this nurse makes his Anger

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“Now need the support”
Mass outbreak in a hospital: a nurse with an open letter to his Anger

A nurse in a nursing home with an elderly lady on a corridor (the Icon).


After a massive Corona outbreak in a hospital in a circle, Weilheim-Schongau, reporting a nurse with a letter to the Public. He felt of the population to the lepers made.

In one hospital in the district of Weilheim-Schongau in the past few weeks, a massive Corona of the outbreak. Around 88 of the total of 600 people infected now with the Coronavirus, and are now in quarantine. Other employees of the hospital are considered as contact persons in the first degree and allowed to leave the house only to go to work. Lars Cramer works there as a nurse and finds his profession would currently criticized by the Public, unfairly hard. In an open letter, he makes his Anger.

Cramer defended his hospital, but especially the nursing staff against criticism that they had not done enough for the protection against infection. “For us, it hits particularly hard, because we are not only relevant to the system, but those […]that expose themselves to all citizens , 8-12 hours of the day and in the night, FFP2 masks, Full-insulation, wear protective clothing and a Series of tests,” writes Cramer. Your work breaks to spend with the employees of the nursing force, according to from infection isolated protection reasons. “Many citizens are not able to imagine how they are not isolated as a nurse, currently living, to ensure the highest patient safety.”

Nurses: appreciation from the spring of massively transformed

He was for 21 years nurse. “I have experienced a lot in this time, […] and I would like to comment on the current Situation from the point of view of an employee. We nurses are on the Front line, we are fighting for all of us in the district and not just in the Corona,” says the nurse. In the spring, you have turned fully behind the nurses. “I personally felt towards it as a great appreciation to the nursing staff that day in and day out under sometimes very difficult conditions have to work.” While it is important to them in terms of personnel in Schongau still good.

This appreciation changed according to Cramer, however, is solid: “We have become the lepers from the point of view of the population and the press in the last few weeks of the heroes of the early year,” he writes further. Added to this is the self-isolation, which was mentally stressful. Many of the hospital staff were no longer in their leisure time socially active, and made, out of consideration for the patient, not on vacation. Cramer calls: “We, as care staff now need the support of the population, for the benefit of our patients.”

Nurses frequently for Corona eruptions responsible

In the past there have been cases in hospitals and nursing homes, which are due to the local employees. In Potsdam, it came at the beginning of November to a mass infection in a care facility, with 28 Infected residents and nurses. Also in Hildesheim in October there were cases in a number of homes, which is why the city sought temporarily in urgent need of staff. Reason is, is that currently, only employees of the respective institutions to get access to these grants.

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