Rent cover: thousands of people are marching to the judgment of the Federal constitutional court

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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel is an award-winning national affairs columnist with the Toronto Star who writes about anything and everything. She got her start at Maclean's Magazine where she wrote frequently about women's issues, LGBT rights, and popular culture.

After the Berlin Rent cap in front of the Federal constitutional court of thousands of people in the Federal capital for a Federal rent-wide demonstrates the stop. They criticised the decision of the highest German court, and called for more political Action against the “rent madness”.

Many of the participants had brought a cooking pot, lid, with which you generated noise. “If you take a lid, with Thousands of lids again,” was the slogan of the demonstrators. They gathered first at Hermannplatz in Neukölln and began an Elevator that would lead up to the Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg.

To the Protest of the Berlin tenants ‘ Association had called. The police spoke of a number of participants “in the middle of the four-digit range”, the operator of Thousands of protesters. The police announced, contributed virtually all of the Demonstrators, a Corona mask, and tried to maintain clearances to be observed.

The Federal constitutional court had declared that since more than one year of current rental lid-law in a stated decision, null and void. For the tenancy, the Federal government was responsible, it was said in the notice. To many people in apartments with covered ingot rent arrears to come now.

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