REALMANNYG is ready to drop new music

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REALMANNYG is an artist to watch. He is a film-maker, but recently also decided to dive deeper into the music scene, producing some incredible tracks and showcasing skills that you would normally associate with an artist who has been in the game for a long, long time. His fresh, direct approach is the secret ingredient behind his recipe for success, as the artist’s music feels direct and one-of-a-kind. Over the past year, REALMANNYG managed to stay creative in spite of this weird COVID-19 situation that has affected people throughout the whole world. He records some well-received songs and managed to create some amazing music that stands out.

As a follow up to his excellent songs (which are all available online) he is about to launch a new release, which is sure going to bring yet another layer to his artistic craftsmanship and ability to produce great tracks.

Find out more about this artist, and do not miss out on his music, which is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and some of the very best digital streaming platforms out there.

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