Pierre Kroll about the Mohammed cartoons: “The terrorists have won”

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Emma Teitel
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MIRROR: Mr. Kroll, you can laugh currently about Corona?

Kroll: Yes, I’ve been drawing a lot in the last few months. But sometimes, when I see these poor politicians, I pity, to be honest. You don’t know when the Virus will disappear, you know nothing. That’s why I’m not so much about the Situation funny as usual.

MIRROR: The teacher, Samuel Paty was recently murdered in France, after he had shown in his school cartoons. It is true, have you afraid of what that means for you?

Kroll: I’m not really scared, that for me personally something happens to them. With my friend Jean Plantureux, the cartoonist of the French daily newspaper “Le Monde”, I was in schools in the Brussels problem district of Molenbeek, in order to show our cartoons – not of the prophet, such I have drawn never. But for example this one in which he is to respect all religions. In the drawing, I place this statement in question (see below). A few young people have said to me: “I like this drawing because of your title, respect is important.” They had not understood the drawing, apparently. When I saw what had tried Samuel Paty at his school, I thought that we will do cartoonists dangerous things. I tried something Similar to Paty. I don’t go to the schools.

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