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Meet Snow T.O.S, a 24 y/o Rapper/Label CEO from Philadelphia, PA. He grew up in South Philadelphia and received both a public and charter school education, until the courts sent him to the “Glen Mills School” for discipline and a 2 year sentence. Snow Graduated from Glen in 2012, and attended Peirce College of Philadelphia where I majored in Accounting fro a short period of time.

In 2013 he was sent up state to prison to complete a 5 year sentence. It was during this time that Snow T.O.S discovered his passion and talent for rap music. While sitting in his cell, he wrote hundreds of pieces and was driven to make music his full-time career. In the current climate of modern-day Hip-Hop/Rap, fans are constantly searching for the next hot rapper to emerge into the limelight. Scrolling through social media, and even music streaming services can be a way to discover new talent, but when a true once in a lifetime artist begins to make their way to the big screen it is clear to each and every one of us Hip-Hop heads.

He was released from prison in 2019 and has been building a global fan base ever since. Upcoming rapper Snow T.O.S is rapidly growing an extensive audience stream with his invasive, creative wisdom and ability to depict that through the weaving of his lyrical structures. Just within just a short span of time, his songs have grossed thousands of streams on various platforms.

Although he is just 24 years of age, his vision and unique style shows the potential of a global breakthrough. He serves as motivation for the underground rap community as well as an extremely talented young artist that you should keep your eye on. I look forward to watching his growth and success in the months to come!

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