Ethersmart: Big Bank Big Benefits

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The 4.0 revolution will certainly affect a strong transformation of the banking sector. Fintech companies emerge to provide more convenient and more secure services leading to a fierce competition to find out the best products of the era. The monopoly of the legal finance has gradually ended when the market economy opens, the need to trade more. Hence, the world is forced to exist two parallel development institutions. It is also a healthy competition to make progress.

Ethersmart team understands that this is a golden opportunity to grab, so members of directors have invested a lot in strategies to build ETM to become the most valuable coin in the market. In addition, they also make development plans to be one of the leading campanies in cryptocurrency in the near future. 

In 2021, EDBank will launch ETM payment e-commerce website, a decentralized exchange, 5 applications in the ecosystem using ETM which is a good preparation for the $ 145 growth momentum. Beside, they will also link ETM payments with the global casino system and attract corporate investment funds for Ethersmart.

In 2022, List ETM token on 3 exchanges starting at $ 250. Open forex market. 

List ETM token on the next 5 cryptocurrency exchanges.

In 2023, List ETM coin on the next 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. Open investment fund for Fintech blockchain start-up project in Dubai. Issue ATM with integrated ETM coin and fiat cryptocurrency. Launch mainnet Ethersmart, Blockchain 3. 0. Launch Blockchain digital bank in Dubai.

Benefits of ETM borrower: 

Mortgage assets in BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BNB. 

Loan rate: 50% of the collateral at the time of borrowing (in $).

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