News of the Coronavirus: Almost 12,500 new infections reported

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News of the Coronavirus
Almost 12,500 Corona infections and 343 new deaths reported

You can see in the Video: #MachtBuerosZu – workers and politicians are calling for the abolition of compulsory attendance.


Brisbane lifts due to Coronavirus Mutation imposed by Express Lockdown again +++ Giffey for unified Corona-arrangements with schools and daycare centers +++ News for the Coronavirus pandemic in the starTicker.

Moderna vaccine is coming to Germany – distribution Tuesday

The Corona vaccine from the US manufacturer Moderna is to be delivered according to the words of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is still on this Monday at a Central point in Germany and on Tuesday in the States go. Then the these include could begin to vaccinate this preparation, said the CDU-politician in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. It will, however, be no choice, if they wanted to get this vaccine, or those of Biontech/Pfizer. The amount was too low. By the end of the quarter, expect two million doses of Moderna for Germany, in the course of the year, with 50 million doses.

12.497 Corona infections and 343 new deaths reported

The German health authorities have reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 12.497 Corona infections within a day. In addition, 343 of the new deaths were recorded within 24 hours, such as the RKI announced in the Morning. The peak of 1188 new death cases had been reached on Friday. On Mondays, the recorded numbers of cases are usually low, partly because on the weekend, less is tested. In principle, the Interpretation of the data is currently difficult because of Christmas and the new year, discovered delayed Corona cases according to the RKI, and sent to have been recorded.

The number of within seven days in the offices of health reported new HIV infections per 100,000 inhabitants (Seven-days-incidence) was on Monday morning when 166,6. The highest incidences of Saxony with 359,8 and Thuringia 316.2 had. The lowest value of Bremen was 90.9. Due to the holidays and new year the weekly rate values, but also with caution. The nationwide Seven-days-R-value was, according to the RKI-report from the Sunday 1.18 (previous day: 1,17). This means that 100 Infected computer table 118 for more people.

Officials of the Federal authorities to the crisis were more likely to exercise

The civil servants Union dbb calls for better preparation of public authorities to crises such as the Corona of a pandemic. “Our colleagues need to be better able to cope with future Crisis situations,” said the dbb’s Chairman, Ulrich Silberbach, the German press Agency in Berlin. On this Monday, this year’s annual meeting will be held in the dbb in Berlin. Silver Bach holds in his own words, among others, the improvement of the state emergency management is necessary. “Crisis is a need for better and more likely to be trained”, called the dbb-chief.

Brisbane cancels due to Coronavirus Mutation imposed by Express Lockdown again

The Australian metropolis of Brisbane, to repeal the Express Lockdown, you are due to an infection, if the first in the UK discovered Coronavirus Mutation had imposed, after a three-day period. In the case of mass tests in Brisbane, no other Corona had been discovered in the past few days-cases, such as the head of government of the state of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, announced on Monday. The tough measures had been imposed on Friday after a cleaner in a Hotel, in the journey of returnees to go in quarantine, were positive to the Virus Mutation tested.

During the Lockdowns, the contacts of the cleaning power post were as follows, and tens of thousands of people in Australia’s third largest city to be tested. The Lockdown should be at 18.00 local time offset. The new Mutation was for the first time in the South-East of England discovered. First studies suggest that the variant B. 1.1.7 up to 70 percent of infectious could be the earlier forms of the Virus.

Giffey for a unified Corona-rules in schools and day care centers

Federal Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) has called on the länder, to communicate in the Corona pandemic, as well as uniform regulations for schools and day care centers. “Parents want all the measures we take now, a nationwide, standardised and reliable approach,” said the SPD politician of the “Rheinische Post”. “I think it’s useful, and am in favour of a common framework, as it can go in the countries according to the hard constraints in perspective more.” “All right Strive for education for justice and reconciliation is not the time at the Moment for easing,” said Giffey more. She pleaded operation for the re-edition of a clear plan to return in the rule.

Merz, for rapid Lockdown of the end for small firms

The CDU chairmanship candidate, Friedrich Merz has called for a quick end of the lock downs, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. “For many small companies, the point is not reached now, where it goes. For me, especially the small and medium-sized companies to Worry. The need to as quickly as possible to get out of the Lockdown as quickly as possible back to normal economies with the concept of Hygiene,” he said of the “image”-newspaper.

For many people, the Isolation in a Lockdown had to cope with difficult, said Merz more. “This is not a handle for an open society for a long time. Many people now home from the ceiling to the head. You want to get out. It is for all of the psychologically a difficult Situation. Especially the training and development residue in the case of our children will always catch up harder.”

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