News in Video: under Biden blank pages to write with an empty pen?

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Jeff Horseman
Jeff Horseman
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You can see in the Video: fact check – Joe writes Biden here blank pages with a pen without ink?

Irritation and confusion to Joe Biden.

In the social networks, allegations spread that the US President would be to sign various decrees, a blank sheet to sign, and that his pen was empty.

Photos and Videos to the show allegedly. But what’s with the claims and the alleged Evidence to itself?

In the case of the assertion that Biden is a blank sheet with a pen without ink to sign would is a hoax.

Camera settings and the lighting conditions in the Oval Office might give the impression, however, if you reduce the brightness of the video, the Text and Biden’s signature is visible.

Other photos clearly show the writing on the paper.

The technical Background: camera settings can ensure that texts on a white sheet seem to disappear paper in a recording.

To expose Biden at the sign of a good, had to adjust the camera man, his camera, apparently, so that the writing is outshone on the decree.

With such an Either-or-decisions film-makers to see at the end of outside of controlled Studio conditions always faced.

Conversely, in low-light also Details conditions are lost on a dark background in a recording.

The buzz around Biden’s signature makes it clear that Technical limitations of cameras can ensure that the Details are swallowed up in dark and bright areas of photos and Videos. However, just because a Detail is not in a recording is visible, it does not mean that it exists.

As we examine in the editorial Videos on Manipulation? A look at the Details is important. The individual frames of a video often reveal whether or not a Video has been edited. We look at picture carefully and zoom in on individual slices. Indications of a Fake the lack of motion blur, unnatural Shadow, or cut, for example, are: error. The star integrity before speed is generally:. We counter-check facts and Material more thoroughly before we release it. This is why we work with the editorial overall “Team verification” together with RTL, NTV, RTL2, Radio NRW.

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