Ministers decide on Corona third-party vaccinations and vaccination offers for minors

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Ministers decide on Corona third-party vaccinations and vaccination offers for minors

A pediatrician pushes a swab to the place where a young woman was vaccinated

A pediatrician pushes a swab to the place where a young woman was vaccinated with the corona vaccine Comirnaty from Biontech/Pfizer

© Fabian Sommer / DPA

The health ministers of the federal states have decided to launch corona booster vaccinations for at-risk groups as well as nationwide vaccination offers for young people and children from the age of twelve.

The health ministers of the federal states have decided in agreement with Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) the start of corona booster vaccinations for risk groups and nationwide vaccination offers for adolescents and children from twelve years. The decisions were made unanimously, as was announced after the health ministers ‘ conference on Monday evening. Spahn also welcomed the additional offers for minors.

Spahn: “Anyone who wants can be vaccinated in the summer”

The federal and state health ministers decided that all states now want to offer vaccinations for 12 to 17 – year-olds in vaccination centers or in other low-threshold ways. Appropriate medical information is required. In addition, children and young people should also be able to be vaccinated by paediatricians and family doctors as well as in the context of vaccinations for relatives of employees in companies. “This can contribute to a safer start to teaching and learning after the summer holidays,” says the decision. Vaccination programmes are also planned for young people and young adults in universities and vocational schools. In all cases, including booster vaccinations, the so-called mRNA vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna will be used.

Federal Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) said: “Anyone who wants can be vaccinated in the summer. We have enough vaccine for all ages.”Even 12 – to 17-year-olds who decide to vaccinate after medical information could protect themselves and others. With the possibility of a booster vaccination in September, particularly vulnerable groups should be protected in the best possible way in autumn and winter. “For them, the risk of declining vaccination protection is greatest.”The chairman of the state health ministers, Klaus Holetschek (CSU) from Bavaria, said:” We are going into the autumn prepared.”

Booster vaccination for vulnerable groups

The decision on third-party vaccinations stipulates that they should initially receive the highest age, patients in need of care and patients with immunodeficiency or immunosuppression. On the one hand, this applies to residents of nursing homes and other facilities where mobile teams are to be used again. Beneficiaries who live at home should be offered booster vaccinations by their attending physicians.

In all cases, revaccinations should be carried out no earlier than six months after the first date of full vaccination coverage.

Stiko wants to comment again on vaccinations for young people

With their decision, the ministers bypass the Permanent Vaccination Commission (Stiko), which so far recommends corona vaccinations for twelve to 17-year – olds only if there are special risks. However, the decision of the Ministerial conference emphasizes that Stiko does not advise against vaccinations of minors, but only advocates individual medical advice. Spahn also stressed that the decisions were in line with the Stiko recommendations.

Stiko Chairman Thomas Mertens expressed the expectation that the Vaccination commission would soon comment again on vaccinations for twelve-year-olds and older. “I hope that we can do this in the next ten days, “he told Der Spiegel. However, he could not say today how the new recommendation would turn out. But Mertens also said that he saw no conflict between the Health Ministers ‘ Conference and Stiko.

Previously, Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller (SPD) and the Green health expert Janosch Dahmen had campaigned for more vaccinations even of minors. On Monday morning, the rate of primary vaccinations for twelve to 17-year-olds was 20.5 percent, and 9.9 percent were fully vaccinated.


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