Fake doctor should have been vaccinated in Bavaria, many people

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Fake doctor should have been vaccinated in Bavaria, many people

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His documents were fake, his behavior betrayed him, however: The police now took in upper Bavaria, a 49-Year fixed, posing as a doctor, to be in these include work.

That people would like to be Doctors, and to resort to fraudulent means to enjoy the View of this, the responsible professional, is an old phenomenon. Again and again there have been cases in which people wrong as a physician, the eye, and in part actually in the profession worked. Such has now been detected in upper Bavaria. Fortunately, no one has come to harm.

The 49-year-old Stefan H. from Ottobrunn to have according to the “Münchner Merkur” as a vaccinator in several of these include the Region reported. In Rosenheim and in Karlsfeld, he was used actually, although it is not approved. In Rosenheim, he was used to after all, “only”, to inform the people about their vaccination and the possible side effects and was not involved in the vaccination itself. In the vaccination centre Karlsfeld however, the man is said to have been vaccinated yourself, at least 50 people.

Suspect falsified his documents

What was not noticed in advance, Stefan H. was engaged by the two these include, noticed, however, the experienced staff there. The head of the center in Rosenheim was due to the manner of expression and of the behavior of the alleged doctor, taken aback, employees of the Malteser hilfsdienst, the were working there, were also suspicious and informed as a precaution, the police. When the officers arrived, had made Stefan H. from the dust – a look at the documents he had submitted with his application, hardened the suspicion against him.

“His Approbation of the 49 has a fake-Year-old may”, according to police. Now to check if he was still in the further these include active, or even otherwise, as a doctor I worked for. For this, he could face a prison sentence of up to 15 years. So far, the officials assume that it was the Suspect also be a financial advantage For its use in Vaccination, he was paid for, apparently, with up to 1000 Euro per layer.

False doctor had his own Website

Bizarre: The 49-Year-old even had to shut down a Website – in the meantime – he engaged himself as a “compassionate doctor” championing of a psychological “consulting Institute” in Ottobrunn. There, he was at least honest, and not before, and gave in his biography that he had studied medicine for allegedly pedagogy, philosophy and theology. Whether that is true: very doubtful. And even if These accounts don’t allow the medical profession to exercise.

Meanwhile, the 49-Year-old could be arrested, he is in prison for forgery and fraud in custody. Also a charge for bodily injury will be examined. In the Vaccinated from Karl Bach had not been, fortunately, but to health complications, the public Prosecutor.

Source: “Mercury”


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