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Many tippers know pain in the wrists or in the shoulder. Most often the reason is an incorrect posture in front of the computer. An ergonomic keyboard can help to take a relaxed position in front of the computer.

Hardly any tool makes people work as efficiently as the computer and hardly any tool forces them into such an awkward position – in the truest sense of the word. If you work in an office and type a lot on the computer, you will quickly notice a pulling in the back, a burning in the eyes, a stinging in the forearm or wrists.

Office work is the opposite of what man was actually made for, namely to roam at least 10,000 steps through the savannah. This makes it all the more important to make work on the computer as sensitive as possible for body and mind. This requires the right working material and includes not only height-adjustable desks or office chairs with lumbar support, but also ergonomic mice and keyboards.

1. Logitech Ergo K860: The Premium Keyboard

Logitech is one of the premium manufacturers in the field of computer peripherals. Its Ergo K860 is split, curved and bent towards the middle. According to the manufacturer, this promotes a natural hand posture and provides relaxed muscles. If you like, attach the included wrist rest to the keyboard. Beautiful: When working in alternation between sitting and standing, you can change the tilt of the keyboard. Two feet on the underside of the joint support make it possible.

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2. Ergonomic Keyboard: Perixx Periduo-505

If you want to replace your mouse, the Perixx-Periduo-505-Set could be just right for you. This is a set consisting of an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. Compared to the Logitech Ergo 860, however, it is wired. Otherwise, the ergonomic keyboard impresses with similar characteristics to the Logitech model: thanks to feet on the front, a sloping inclination position is possible. To do this, the keyboard splits for left and right hands. Unfortunately, it is not woven towards the middle.

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3. Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard: The Classic

Microsoft has several ergonomic keyboards on offer. The standard version is wired, splits into left and right hands and bends upwards towards the middle. At the top of the keyboard are buttons that allow users to adjust system settings such as volume.

But not only that: in Microsoft programs such as “Word” or “Excel”, the function keys occupy quick accesses to search, display emojis and more. In addition, compared to the other ergonomic keyboards, this Microsoft model offers the largest keys. Those who like to “dig” into the keyboard while writing with their fingers will be happier than with the flat keys.

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4. Wireless Set: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

Microsoft also offers a wireless set. The keyboard in it, of course, is divided and woven towards the center. What is particularly nice about the set is that, in addition to an ergonomic mouse, it also comes with an external numeric keypad. The ergonomic keyboard is therefore more space-saving than other models.

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5. Kensington ergonomic duo gel palm rest

If you do not want to throw away your beloved keyboard, you can also buy an external palm rest for the keyboard. Especially those who suffer from painful wrists can try to get the symptoms under control.

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6. Ergonomic laptop stand

If you squat crouched in front of a laptop, pain in the neck, back and hand is not far. Especially the hour-long operation of the touchpad is exhausting for untrained hands. As if this was not enough, it is also difficult to put your hand sensibly on or on a laptop. Therefore, working on the mobile computer should remain the exception.

It is better to connect the laptop to a screen and operate it with an external mouse and keyboard. If there is no space in the home office, a height-adjustable laptop stand is ideal. Laptops with a size of up to 17 inches can be placed on it at a height that is more comfortable for the neck and back, because the tipster can change the angle at which he or she looks at the screen thanks to the height adjustability.

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Wrong posture brings the pain

The core problem of normal mice and keyboards is that they force their users and their hands to take an unnatural position. If affected persons hold these for a longer period of time, this leads to tension, irritation and, in the worst case, inflammation.

The most common extreme is tendonitis of a hand. But an unnatural posture also affects the back, neck and shoulder. An egonomic keyboard is designed to support a natural hand and forearm posture. This is achieved in most cases by modifying the keyboards:

  • They are bent upwards towards the middle and thus adapt to the natural lateral hand position of the writer
  • The keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard divided for the left and right hand
  • Especially wide-stretched keyboards provide for outstretched shoulders
  • Contrary to the normal keyboard, which rises to the back, ergonomic keyboards fall to the back, which leads to a more comfortable hand position when typing, because the writer does not have to pull his hands towards the body, thereby straining his muscles in the forearm
  • Most ergonomic keyboards have a gel pad on which you can put your hands
  • A disadvantage is the acclimatization period
  • Less suitable for gamblers and two-finger tipsters

Ergonomic keyboards are suitable for these people

Especially frequent writers who use all fingers benefit from an ergonomic keyboard. Of course, there is a period of adaptation when typing. As a rule, it does not last too long for experienced ten-finger writers. However, those who tack on the keyboard with both index fingers should distance themselves from the ergonomic keyboard.

Two-finger tipsters tend to stare at the keyboard while typing to find the letters. Finding the right words on a curved keyboard may be even more difficult for you. Gamers could also have problems if they want to press long-practiced key combinations on an ergonomic keyboard.

And an ergonomic keyboard does not help against all ailments, because which keyboard is suitable for the respective person always depends on the personal circumstances such as body size or general fitness. Especially for smaller and narrow people who have pain in the shoulder when typing, it might be enough to switch to a smaller keyboard, where the keys are close to each other.

The smaller keyboard ensures that the shoulder position changes because the hands are closer to each other when typing. Still others are already helped by a gel pad under the keyboard, on which you can put your hands while writing. Unfortunately, there is no panacea. Those who suffer from pain when typing should try different models.

Many-tip? Tips for working at the computer

In addition to the wrong keyboard, people at the office workplace can tense their muscles a lot. For example, pulling in the neck may be due to the fact that the viewing angle on the monitor is unfavorable. An uncomfortable office chair causes back pain, a mouse that is too small or large causes tendonitis. And as if that were not enough, long sitting and too little exercise favors all those suffering. What you can do about it:

  1. Healthy sitting thanks to office chair with lumbar support
  2. Get up and move at least once an hour
  3. Wear glasses with blue light filter to protect the eyes
  4. Display blue light on the monitor
  5. Look at the screen at a 20-degree angle and do so at a distance of 50 to 80 centimeters
  6. Use height-adjustable tables to work alternately standing and sitting
  7. Place footstool under the desk
  8. Sport,

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