Coronavirus: Why AstraZeneca first of all, not in the house, doctor’s offices will be vaccinated

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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
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After Easter, the Vaccination should finally run faster, low-threshold, large-area: 7. April may also vaccinate house doctors against Sars-CoV-2. However, you only get so little of the vaccine, and that their contribution to the vaccination campaign will initially be very small. Nearly one Million doses to be delivered in the week after Easter, the are between the ages of 18 and 50 doses per practice.

One reason for the small quantities is that in the first two weeks of April, only the vaccine of Biontech/Pfizer in the house, doctor’s offices will be delivered. It is a communication from the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV). This is hardly surprising, because it is precisely the product of AstraZeneca would be suitable for use in practices particularly. Because it does not need to be transported in a time-consuming and stored, such as the mRNA vaccines of Biontech, or Moderna – also allowed when on Friday, the European medicines Agency EMA is a two-week storage at minus 25 to minus 15 degrees. Previously, a minimum of minus 70 degrees were needed. For AstraZeneca standard cooling.

While some saw already a vaccine scandal, the circumstance is quite simple to explain: “In the first two weeks of April Biontech delivers by far the largest amounts of doses of the Vaccine,” it said from the Federal Ministry of health (BMG) on a request from the MIRROR. “Among other things, the second vaccination in the these include ensure, to be delivered to the small supplies of AstraZeneca, therefore, in these two weeks of April only in the these include.” After that, the AstraZeneca vaccine should be in the house, doctor’s offices inoculated. The CBD is confirmed. “At the end of April, these quantities are extended strongly, and then there will be additional vaccines,” said a representative to the MIRROR. “The delivery quantities of Biontech are larger and the delivery promises more reliable than in the case of AstraZeneca,” said Martin Scherer, Director of the Institute of General medicine of the MIRROR.

Bofrost-vehicles for vaccine distribution

And Moderna? A report of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ), the vaccine is delivered first to the house of doctor’s offices. Moderna could not guarantee the effectiveness of its product if it is transported by the Ministry of the intended path, according to a report in the newspaper. Accordingly, the BMG has provided that the vaccine is thawed, the wholesaler, and then brought to the pharmacies and Doctors.

However, the vaccine may be harmed, because they must be cooled and must not be exposed to large shocks, according to Moderna. Your alternative proposal, the preparation, deep-cooled by Bofrost-to-operate vehicles to the practices, deliver, was apparently rejected by the Ministry.

So, at first only Biontech. The CBD is shown to be motivated, that the contribution of family doctors will soon be more important: “If the vaccines arrive in sufficient, regular quantities in a timely manner in the practices, we estimate that prior to the summer of many millions of vaccinations, a week can be done,” said KBV-Executive Board member Andreas streets, according to the memo. “Now we finally have the opportunity, with the Seeding started.”

The dates for 20 doses, awarded by the physicians according to the prioritization list, so first of all, mainly to over 80-Year-old. The German society for General and family medicine (DEGAM) is confident that the Biontech vaccine proven for use in the house, doctor’s offices: “Also Biontech works obviously in the practice of handling, the pilot projects have shown,” it said in a request.

Biontech, according to the agent is in the case of a bearing between two and eight degrees Celsius for five days – so at refrigerator temperatures. According to current planning, the vaccine is thawed in the wholesale and then to the doctor’s offices sent, where he needs to be inoculated within the five days.

According to the KBV-practice info the house doctor’s offices, the vaccines from next week, a week in advance of your designated pharmacy to order. You will receive the ordered doses then on Monday evening. The Doctors will be encouraged, the vaccine temperature in your refrigerators continuously monitored.

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