Coronavirus: the Robert Koch Institute reports 16.774 infections in Germany

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The number of registered Corona infections in Germany has achieved with 16.774 cases, within a day a new maximum value. This is clear from the information provided by the Robert Koch Institute from early Thursday morning. The previous record value from the previous day was 14.964 cases. On Thursday, a week ago, the health authorities had reported 11.287 infections. Thus, the value was exceeded for the first time since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in Germany, the brand of 10,000.

The current values are only due to the spring are comparable, since, in the meantime, much more will be tested and also allows more infections to be discovered.

Overall, infected the RKI, according to since the beginning of the pandemic, nationwide 481.013 people with Sars-CoV-2 (Stand: 29.10., 00: 00). The number of deaths associated with the Virus rose to Thursday, to 89, to a total of 10.272. The RKI estimates that around 339.200 people are now recovered.

The reproduction number, in short the R-value, was in Germany, according to the RKI-location report from the Wednesday of 1.03 (previous day: 1,17). This means that an Infected person infects more than a other people. The R-value in each case forms the infection from happening about a week and a half before.

In addition, the RKI, in his report on the situation, a so-called Seven-days-R. The value refers to a longer period of time and is therefore subject to less current fluctuations. According to the RKI estimates of this value on Tuesday was at 1.17. He shows that the Infection occurred from 8 to 16 days.

Chancellor will give a government statement

According to the Federal-state consultations from Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Bundestag wants to explain on Thursday, the Corona-policy of the Federal government. The government statement is the third since the beginning of the pandemic. Following the roughly 20-minute speech (9.00 PM) is planned to be a one and a half hours of debate.

The Federal government and the Länder agreed on Wednesday, the second Corona wave of Infection with strict contact restrictions for the citizens and a major shut down to all recreational break activities. In this way, an uncontrollable spread of the epidemic is to be prevented. The measures are intended to as early as the coming Monday (2. November) and until the end of November last.

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