According to Facebook Hack: how to find out if your data is affected

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According To Facebook Hack
How to find out if hackers know your E-Mail address and passwords

Hackers have stolen over the years, billions of sensitive data (icon image)

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A Mega-Hack in the case of Facebook, has made headlines. Hundreds of millions of sensitive information is freely accessible on the web. To find out if hackers know your data, there is a handy Tool.

Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Apple, Netflix, for the most important Online services, you must register with your E-Mail address and password. Security experts advise regularly to give each platform its own access data. The reality is usually different, however: for Many people, the simplicity of use for the sake merely a e-Mail address and the same password for all services.

Mega Hacks to take

This is especially a Problem if one of the services, security problems, and the victim of a Hacker attack is. As recently Facebook: On Saturday, the private information of more than 530 million users have been released of the interior and users for all the available in the network. This includes sensitive information, such as phone number, E-Mail addresses, location and relationship status included.

According to the “Privacy Rights Clearinghouse” have been stolen in the past ten years, more than four billion records, or are accidentally leaked. Especially, the incidence of major violations, with the data from dozens or even hundreds of millions of people were compromised, is steadily increasing.

Hackers know your E-Mail address?

One of the best places to find out whether you have been a victim of data theft, is the English-language Portal “” the security expert Troy Hunt. On the site, any user can enter his E-Mail address, and you, with more than ten billion accounts reconcile that have been compromised in the past Hacks, thefts and others. Then you know if your E-Mail address is safe (“Good news – no pwnage found!”) or in the database shows up (“Oh no – pwned!”) and if Yes, were tapped in which the service information.

Important to know: were Attacked in a case of doubt, the user profiles in the respective services and not the E-Mail addresses.

Your E-Mail address should appear in the database, change for the sake of safety, the accompanying password and enable it, if possible, Two-factor authentication.


What words is a stolen passport?

In some cases, the pass will be published words in Data thefts. Hunt’s website also provides search a password that can be used to find out if your password has already fallen into the hands of hackers. The password should appear here, should not to use it best. In this case, the activation of a multi-factor authentication is recommended.

At the time of assignment of a new password you should note a few things have changed in the past few years. Instead of a maximum of more complicated structures made of numbers, and special characters that you can remember hardly anyone, phrases are longer pass, and the use of password managers is recommended.

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