ZTX Metaverse Platform To Unveil Official Beta on Arbitrum Network Next Week

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  • The long-awaited official beta launch of the ZTX protocol on the Arbitrum (ARB) network is a step closer to unleashing the next-generation gaming ecosystem that supports high imagination.
  • ZTX platform intends to communicate the official beta launch date on its social media platforms.
  • More NFTs are slated to be unveiled shortly after the official beta launch to incentivize the loyal community.

ZTX, a well-funded metaverse platform that supports next-level immersive gaming experience, has announced that the official beta application will be unveiled next week. The long-awaited ZTX beta launch will premiere on the leading Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution Arbitrum (ARB) on a date yet to be announced. The ZTX community has been urged to stay tuned through the official social media network, as the company will communicate the launch date in the coming days. 

The development of the ZTX  beta launch is a major milestone towards unleashing an immersive gaming environment that supports users’ imagination. Moreover, the ZTX Web3 platform has already released several important products, including the Genesis Home Mint and the ecosystem token, in addition to announcing strategic partnerships with NFT powerhouses and enthusiasts.

”ZTX was designed to feel familiar, yet forward-looking, from our avatar builder to the gameplay itself. We’ve designed an exciting catalog of top-quality wearables and craftables that stands out among the competition. Throughout Season 1 of the Beta, our community will be engaged with these assets and looking forward to what comes next. We’ll also be launching exclusive, beautiful new experiences that will connect to specific traits of our Genesis Homes,” Travis Britton, Chief Creative Officer at ZTX platform and former Executive Creative Director at Roblox, noted in a press release.

ZTX Committed to Community Building and Engagement Via Beta Launch

The ZTX platform hails from a strong ZEPETO community that entails more than 430 million users. Keeping the community engaged while building the immersive gaming platform is the top priority of the ZTX core developers and leadership. The ZTX Web3 platform has ventured into an industry with high standards of innovation through blockchain technology and the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As a result, the ZTX beta launch next week will mainly feature a harvesting and crafting game loop, which enables users to create their digital assets and decorate their virtual real estate.

The beta launch is expected to kickstart more on-chain activities that will eventually lead to economic freedom for the players. ZTX users can seamlessly buy, sell, or trade their digitally crafted products on the OpenSea NFT marketplace through the Arbitrum network, which taps into Ethereum’s security and offers scalable and cheaper services.

“ZTX is creating a sticky foundation for players to build incredible worlds. Starting with the personal paradise a user can construct, to the strong creator economies constructed by communities, ZTX will become the killer app that supports socializing and self-expression in Web3,” Cassidy Robertson, Senior Product Manager at ZTX and early team member of Cryptokitties at Dapper Labs, noted in a statement.

According to Luke Xiao, Business Development Manager at Offchain Labs, the ZTX metaverse platform has grown to a respectable Web3 platform that is empowering the community to reimagine the future of the gaming industry. Xiao added that the Arbitrum network users will be thrilled to have the high-quality ZTX product launched soon. In addition, ZTX intends to unleash more NFT products shortly after the official beta launch next week.

Market Implication on ZTX Token

The ZTX platform recently launched the utility token and the official currency for its gaming ecosystem, which has been warmly received by the crypto industry. As of this report, the ZTX price hovered around $0.029, up nearly 300 percent since early November. Notably, the ZTX token has a fully diluted valuation of about $299 million and an average daily traded volume of around $1.5 million. The official launch of the ZTX beta version is expected to trigger more on-chain transactions, which is economically attractive for the utility token.

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