ZTX Metaverse Platform To Integrate Social Login Capabilities Among Other Features in Upcoming Version Update

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  • The ZTX Web3 platform plans to launch a new version update that introduces new features.
  • The ZTX team intends to onboard millions of global Web2 and Web3 users through the integration of the social login feature.
  • The ZTX token, which runs on the Arbitrum L2 network, remains at the heart of the ZTX’s financial inclusion.

The ZTX metaverse platform, a fast-growing Web3 ecosystem that empowers content creators, has continued to align its infrastructure and community’s mindset for the mainstream adoption of its native digital products. Having successfully raised $13 million through a seed funding round at the height of the crypto bear market, ZTX demonstrated that it is well-prepared to facilitate the mass adoption of digital assets. The platform launched its native token dubbed ZTX, which runs on Ethereum’s Arbitrum (ARB) network and has since been listed by a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges led by Bithumb, Bybit, Gate.io, MEXC, and Bitget, among many others. 

With improved liquidity, ZTX has been attracting more GamiFi enthusiasts to its ecosystem. Last year, 4,000 Genesis District Homes sold out on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, which offered the players a chance to participate in the governance and economics of the ZTX platform. Meanwhile, the ZTX core development team has continued to deliver upon the promised roadmap and the upgrade on the testnets to ensure sustainable future growth prospects

Plan to Onboard Millions of Global Customers to ZTX Ecosystem 

In preparation for the confirmed crypto bull market, the ZTX team has been developing proper infrastructure to seamlessly onboard users to the Web3 industry. Notably, the ZTX team has announced that a new version of its flagship beta application is at hand. As a result, the platform will have an updated user interface, which includes the integration of social login for new users. Ideally, the ZTX platform will now be allowing new users to not only log in with their web3 wallets but also social logins like Google and X platform.

“Our beta launch in December last year was extremely successful in that we saw demands beyond what we had anticipated. However, it also brought to our attention certain shortcomings at the technical design level and the tokenomics design level that we wanted to address before the community made more progress in the application. We’ve spent a lot of time conversing with our community to gain feedback and apply some of those learnings to our imminent version update, and can’t wait for our users to get back to the world of ZTX this week,” Alexx, Chief Futurist at ZTX platform, noted in a statement.

More Updates to Expect from the ZTX’s Upcoming New Version

The scheduled ZTX beta version update this week will also introduce other features that are geared toward enhancing the metaverse platform. The ZTX platform is competing for the same global market with other top-tier Web3 metaverse projects, which have been described as the best avenue to onboard new users to the blockchain technology and digital assets realm. According to the announcement, the new beta update will also feature improvements on ZTX token emission, which is geared towards reducing the overall selling pressure. The ZTX team intends to disable direct farming in Dark Matter, a unique virtual component for the metaverse platform that enables users to obtain ZTX tokens. 

“Previously, direct farming of Dark Matter was possible, which led to countless users around the world setting up multi accounts and other tactics to maximize yield farming. Such behavior will no longer be possible in the new version of ZTX, and while token rewards will still be available to users down the road the distribution of such rewards will be structured in a way that honors loyal users who exhibit dedication to the core decorative crafting activities that celebrate virtual self-expression,” the company said.

Market Outlook

The ZTX team is committed to rolling out products that engage the users in a fun and rewarding manner. Consequently, the company anticipates releasing another beta version update soon after collecting feedback from users. Meanwhile, the ZTX token, which had a Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) of more than $280 million, has rallied over 43 percent in the past four weeks to trade around 2 cents at the time of this report.

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