Yuga Labs Co-Founder Greg Solano Takes Helm as CEO

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  • Daniel Alegre who served as CEO for about 10 months is making way for Solano.
  • Through calculated actions, Yuga Labs is swiftly growing its presence in the NFT industry.

The co-founder of NFT powerhouse Yuga Labs, Greg Solano, has declared his decision to step into the position of chief executive officer. Daniel Alegre, who was chief operating officer of Activision Blizzard and served as CEO for about 10 months at Yuga Labs, is making way for the co-founder.

Even though the term “CEO” has only been used publicly to characterize Alegre and Nicole Muniz, Solano says he is “stepping back in” as CEO in his post.

In his announcement post, Solano teases a number of his initial endeavors, such as forming a Yuga subsidiary specifically for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, sharing more information about the Otherside metaverse and its impending third playtest, and creating other game projects aimed at a wide audience.

Calculated Actions

In addition to acquiring prominent NFT projects including CryptoPunks, 10KTF, Meebits, and most recently, PROOF collective—the firm responsible for the Moonbirds NFT project—Yuga Labs is famous for its Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection and ApeCoin.

Moreover, through calculated actions, Yuga Labs is swiftly growing its presence in the NFT industry. A rival in the field of non-fungible token creation, the Moonbirds-renowned Proof was acquired by the business. Also, Yuga Labs refrained from disclosing any information on the potential acquisition price. Yuga Labs has announced that Moonbirds will be a part of its gamified metaverse play, Otherside.

Pudgy Penguins, a competing NFT collection, has been putting pressure on the Bored Ape Yacht Club as of late. Earlier this week, Pudgy Penguins momentarily outpriced the Bored Apes. 

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