Walken Exceeds 2 Million Registered User Milestone

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Jennifer Iyer
Jennifer Iyer
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  • Walken Move-to-Earn mobile app has exceeded 2 million users.
  • Walken reached 1 million users in August and is now at 2 million.

Walken is a Move-to-Earn mobile app created by a team that counts users’ steps using the movement-detecting features of common smartphones and wearables. Users are then rewarded with WLKN tokens for participating in in-app games and NFTs. Despite a gloomy market, the company is still gaining great pace. Due to the project’s sustainable tokenomics and engaging gameplay, interest in it keeps growing.

Walken has been in public beta testing for five months. During that time, there has been significant community growth. After achieving 1 million registered players in August 2022, the team now celebrates 2 million registered users a few months later. 

Walken’s popularity can be related to a set of elements, including its CAThletes, convenient user interface, and lack of entry barrier. Everyone should have access to encouraging a better way of life, and Walken exemplifies this ideal.

Furthermore, the Walken team remains dedicated to converting millions of web2 users to web3. The fact that there are over 2 million registered users shows that there is a lot of interest in exploring the era of user empowerment and decentralization.

Future New Events Agenda

While the achievement is cause for celebration, Walken’s team will continue to work regardless of crypto market conditions. For all users, several events and updates are planned, including:

  • Walken Earn: stake $WLKN tokens on fixed or variable terms, resulting in greater token utility and player empowerment.
  • Walken Runner: the ecosystem’s first hyper-casual game. 
  • CAThlete Merge Event: Exchange two CAThletes for one CAThlete with a guaranteed rarity greater than Common.
  • Daily tasks will contribute to a varied and engaging experience with corresponding rewards.

More features and events are planned for the months ahead. More information will be released through the official Walken social media sites.

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