Walken Announces New Roadmap and Impressive Game Economic Statistics

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Jeff Horseman
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To better support its rapidly expanding ecosystem, Walken is getting ready to take the next step. All users interested in using blockchain technology to gamify a healthy lifestyle will be pleased to learn that a new roadmap has been released, including a number of upcoming features.

The goal of integrating a healthy lifestyle with games and cryptocurrency, as envisioned by Walken, is one step closer to being accomplished. One of the most promising markets on Web3 is the creation of games that encourage healthy lifestyle changes and provide financial rewards for maintaining them.

As Walken gains steam and continues to see significant overall growth, the team has revealed their latest roadmap. Several major developments highlighted, including:

  • Seven more languages are now supported, improving localization.
  • The 60M tokens created by the community will be reinvested in Walken to further improve the platform.
  • The CAThletes are going to be featuring in a new video game that is now in production.
  • Player activity and accomplishment rankings, as well as a Wheel of Fortune to reward engaged gamers (on both Android and iOS).
  • Local communities will benefit from the Walken Ambassador programme.
  • Dedicated referral program with associated bonuses.

All of these enhancements will help Walken maintain its already impressive rate of community growth, and even accelerate it. The emphasis on community in this ecosystem is in line with Web3’s guiding principles.

In addition, Walken has recently disclosed certain in-game economic data supporting the growth of its ecosystem and user base:

  • Since early August 2022, iOS growth was more noticeable than Android’s, but the tables have turned. More than 7,000 new users are added to Android every day, while iOS adds over 1,000.
  • Between July and August of 2022, Walken saw daily user growth peaks of over 20,000.
  • The majority of Walken users (19.6%) are located in Russia, followed by users (10.4%) from Ukraine, 7.42% from India, and 5.133% from Vietnam.
  • More than 1.1 million people are now using Walken, and that figure is forecast to reach 2 million by the end of Q4 2022.

Alexei Kulevets, co-founder and CEO of Walken, comments on the company’s expansion:

“One of the main challenges of any gamified web3 project is to make it both fun and sustainable, especially a free2play one. With Walken we are proving the point that it’s possible. We are grateful to our amazing community and work hard to make it even better”.

By focusing on both entertainment and environmental responsibility, Walken has created a thriving ecology for its community. Growing support for the initiative in strategically important parts of the world demonstrates that more and more people are ready to plunge into Web3 and begin realising its potential.

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