US election: Donald Trump predicted “chaotic mess”

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Emma Teitel
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US President, Donald Trump has turned his followers to the fact that you may have to wait several weeks for the results of the election next Tuesday. “The whole world and our country will have to wait and wait and wait to learn who won, you’ll have to wait for a week,” said Trump on Saturday at an appearance in Newton, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. “Of the 3. November will come and go, and we will not know. And you’ll have a chaotic mess in our country.”

Trump referred to the warning about riots in the streets, but on the counting of absentee votes. Trump is the Republicans want to prevent a court the extension of a period for the counting of ballot papers in Pennsylvania, had failed with the attempt, but. The ballots with timely postmarks must be counted, even if you three days after the election date on 3. November arrive. In a tight race between Trump and his democratic Challenger, Joe Biden, it could arrive to the result in Pennsylvania, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can be expected in the “Swing State” with a majority.

Trump accused the Supreme court in Washington, looking to have the absentee ballot deadline is a “terrible policy, terrible decision” will be made. He warned that it could happen, “very bad things” and something “Dangerous”, while ballot papers would be counted. A more detailed explanation and evidence for his claim remained Trump guilty.

The President makes for months of feeling against the absentee ballot, the experience has shown that more democratic voters than supporters of the Republicans to the voting use. Trump claims that there is massive fraud potential of absentee ballot. Instead of evidence he has presented. He also insists that in the night of the election had to be established who had won. In most past elections, the winner turned out to be actually still in the night of the election. This year, Managers expect in several States but that there might be a delay because because of the Corona of a pandemic, significantly more people vote by absentee ballot.

Trump and Biden go in the final offensive

In the final throes of the US election campaign, President Trump and his democratic Challenger Joe Biden in the final offensive – mutual attacks including. Biden tried before the vote on Tuesday, with the Obama-to-points factor: He appeared on Saturday two Times with the former President in a particularly competitive state of Michigan. Trump spoke four Times in front of supporters in Pennsylvania, an important “Swing State”. On Sunday, Biden wants to be there, Trump is expected in Iowa, North Carolina and Michigan.

The Republican incumbent is in the polls both nationally and in a number of potentially critical States, behind Biden. His re-election is still not ruled out, especially due to the electoral system, the candidate with the most votes may be subject to. Both sides have declared this year’s vote on the fate of the election and warn against the respective opponents, as the next President. Tens of millions of Americans have already voted, and their vote by absentee or at the polling station delivered.

Biden tried on Saturday in Flint, Michigan, to benefit the chagrin of many compatriots over the past four years with Trump for themselves. “We’re done with the Chaos, the Tweets, the anger, the hate, the failure, the refusal to take any responsibility.” Americans had to raise because of their gender, ethnicity or origin against each other wrong, Biden said in his other appearance in Detroit. “Everyone knows who Donald Trump is, let us show who we are.” He repeated his promise to serve in case of his election to all Americans. “For God’s sake, please choose!”, appealed to Biden, almost pleading. “It is time to get up, to us our democracy back.”

On Tuesday, it will go with everything, also said Ex-President Barack Obama, Vice Biden had been up to 2017. “You can choose to change.” With Biden and his Vice-candidate, Kamala Harris, it will not be as strenuous as with Trump, promised Obama. You will no longer have to fight so much. He praised Biden for his sense of responsibility and kindness. Biden, the Americans were really on the heart.

Michigan is one of the strategically immensely important “Swing States”, in which not in advance, if any, by Tradition, the candidate of the Republicans or the Democrats will win. Also, Pennsylvania is a “Battleground State”. Just like in Michigan was won by Trump there in 2016, just this year surveys to see Biden just in the lead.

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