Unlock iPhone with mask and more: this is new in iOS 14.5

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Unlock iPhone with mask and more: this is new in iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 brings many new features to iPhone

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Advanced controller support, mask unlock and new voices for Siri: iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 bring many new features to iPhone and iPad. We present the most important ones.

Apple introduced numerous new devices last week as part of its “Spring Loaded”event, including the AirTags (here the extensive test). Now Apple has released the final versions of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, which bring numerous innovations. We present the most important Changes.

Unlock iPhone with FaceID and Mask

Unlocking the iPhone with your face is convenient-at least as long as you don’t wear mouth-nose protection. However, as this is an important component to contain the corona pandemic, iPhones in public spaces have not been able to be used in the way they were intended for months.

Now Apple has a solution to the problem-at least for some users: iOS 14.5 brings the possibility to unlock the iPhone with the help of a paired Apple Watch. If you try to unlock your iPhone and sluggish while doing a mask, the Apple Watch automatically sends the authentication share without having to enter an unlock code. This function is activated under ” Settings” – “Face ID and Code. To activate it is absolutely necessary that the Apple Watch itself is locked with a code.

Focus on privacy

Apple has been focusing on privacy for years. With iOS 14.5, Apple is now launching an anti-tracking feature that strengthens data protection. Ex works, so-called trackers, which track users across apps and the network, are now deactivated and must first be actively activated by the user manually again. On the one hand, this should raise awareness of which services require access to one’s own data, and on the other hand, control should be returned to the users. This tracking request has been frowning for months in the advertising industry, which traditionally wants to learn as much about users as possible.

Support for AirTags

The AirTags are the latest product from Apple. These are small, smart trackers, which can be attached to the key ring, in the car, guitar case or on the bike and make these objects so over the iPhone findable. A prerequisite for setup is an iPhone with iOS 14.5.

New Emojis

With iOS 14.5, new emojis are also introduced. New on board is, among other things, a burning and a connected heart as well as three new faces. In addition, there are now several variants of men and women with a beard. When spraying icon, which is currently filled with blood, Apple removes the blood, reducing the Emoji can also be used as a vaccination Symbol in connection with Covid-19.

Four more votes for Siri

Siri is now available (at least in the English version) with iOS 14.5 in four voice variants, which can be selected both when setting up a device and afterwards.

Dual SIM with 5G

A small change that is aimed exclusively at owners of the current iPhone 12 generation: The mobile phone standard 5G is now also available in the dual SIM version.

Update: Unlock iPhone with mask and more: This is new in iOS 14.5

“Where is” for third-party partners

The function used to be called “Find my iPhone”, meanwhile is from ” Where is?” speech. In addition, you can find installed phones, iPads and AirPods, with iOS 14.5 the search-and-find network is still expanded. External manufacturers can integrate their products into the Apple system, the first partners include the e-bike manufacturer VanMoof, Chipolo with its key chains and Belkin with headphones.

Advanced controller support

So far, iOS and iPadOS already support older Xbox and Playstation controllers. The new update also supports the controllers of the current console generation-the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Various Bug Fixes

In addition to the larger changes, there is also a lot of fine-tuning in detail. This fixes a color cast error that occurred on some iPhone 12 models, also fixed problems with CarPlay.

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