U.S Manufacturers Embracing Metaverse as per World Economic Forum

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  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed the details in a March 12 report.
  • Industrial metaverse has applications all the way through a product’s life cycle.

The World Economic Forum reports that an increasing number of American manufacturing companies are looking to the industrial metaverse to solve complicated problems that arise throughout the production cycle.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed in a March 12 report that 92 percent of American manufacturing executives are looking at different methods to incorporate the metaverse into their companies.

All the Way Through a Products Life Cycle

According to the report findings provided, executives at 100 of the biggest firms across 10 sectors were looking at up to six separate use cases on average. The need for industry to “elevate its ambitions” in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences is one element that the WEF emphasized as a driver of interest.

As a result, businesses in the manufacturing sector are under growing pressure to discover methods to use predictive forecasting to shorten production cycles while simultaneously improving efficiency and cutting costs.

Digital twin technology, which uses virtual representations to represent actual items, was highlighted in the report as a tool that several firms are employing. For the purpose of improving warehouse architecture and robot workstations, Amazon has been using the cloud services platform Nvidia Omniverse to conduct simulations.

Also using the platform to plan production assembly plants are Mercedes-Benz. According to a report from March 1, telecoms infrastructure giant Nokia has been exploring the possibility of assisting Cessna aircraft maintenance at rural airports via the metaverse in Australia.

It went on to say that the industrial metaverse has applications all the way through a product’s life cycle, from design to manufacturing to customer service.

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