TikTok: influencer Hamudi was insulted and threatened for no reason

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TikToker Hamudi
Influencer is insulted and threatened for no reason: “I was afraid to take to the streets”


Hamudi has almost 450,000 followers on TikTok

© Hamudi

TikToker Hamudi became the target of hate and threats on the Internet “out of nowhere”. Today, he wants to encourage other victims of cyberbullying.

“Ugly bastard, when I see you, I tear you apart”, “You are just a son of a dog”, “I will beat you up like that” – such and even worse news are almost part of everyday life for the influencer Hamudi. About a year ago, a wave of hatred rolled over the 23-year-old, from which he still has not fully recovered.

“I was scared, I cried for weeks, I was afraid to go out on the street,” Hamudi reports in conversation with the star. He has almost 450,000 followers on the social media platform TikTok, where he sometimes posts funny, sometimes more serious videos from his life. But he became known because “out of nowhere” a large group of users had shot at him and made his life hell.

Rumors of separation of a couple

It all started with the separation of a couple also known on the app. Suddenly, the rumor spread that Hamudi had something to do with the separation – completely unfounded, as the influencer assures. Nevertheless, he was showered by users with insults, insults and even death threats. “It was funny at first,” he recalls. However, the news quickly reached him: “I was overwhelmed. I tried to find it funny and pretend that doesn’t hurt me, but that didn’t help much.”

Under the hashtag # alleswegenhamudi can be found the collected hatred against the Freiburg. “It became normal that I was blamed for everything. Many have let their frustration out on me,” says Hamudi. Even for poor grades in school, younger users would have blamed him. He was even more disturbed by the fact that even adults between the ages of 30 and 40 sent him hate messages. The news that the star present, contain insults below the belt, in many are openly expressed threats of violence or even death. Even on the street, he was targeted, says Hamudi.

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TikTok: Hamudi wants to help victims of cyberbullying

He couldn’t really defend himself. Although he tried to call in the police, they were powerless in view of the amount of news. Ultimately, all he had to do was retire online – he prescribed himself a cell phone time-out and took a few months social media break. Today, he knows that he should have done so even earlier: “In hindsight, I wouldn’t watch any news or comments. That does something to you.”Meanwhile, Hamudi is active on social media again, but he still gets the hate of some users to feel under his posts, with comments like:” Oh God, he’s still alive!”

Nevertheless, Hamudi does not want to remain silent – on the contrary: he has become more confident and stronger through the experience, he tells the star, and now wants to help other victims of cyberbullying. “I want to be a role model for others that you should not give up when you are bullied,” says Hamudi. “You must never eat everything into yourself.”Instead, he encourages people to talk to others about the problems, report comments on the social media platforms, or even report them.

Hamudi himself now behaves more cautiously on the Internet, according to his own information: “I think five times before I post something, whether this can somehow be misunderstood.”

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