Sony Planning NFT Transfer Feature Across Different Gaming Consoles

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  • Sony patented a framework that allows players to move and use NFTs across games.
  • NFT’s ownership may be licensed to third-party organizations for their own usage.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company behind the PlayStation brand of video games, has patented a framework that allows players to move and use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across games.

Sony’s commitment to the cryptocurrency industry has been on display for years through strategic alliances and trademark filings. Sony has also added an NFT framework for transferring and utilizing digital content across gaming platforms to its patent portfolio.

Sony’s NFT framework intends to include NFTs in gameplay. With the hope that the technology would stand in for skins and other common game features. The abstract of the patent described the anticipated functionality.

In addition, it said that the NFT’s ownership may be licensed to third-party organizations. This is for their own usage in their respective simulations and platforms. 

Compatible With Devices Outside Sony Ecosystem

When complete, NFT will allow users of the PlayStation 5 to play popular games that include the technology. The number of PlayStation Network subscribers throughout the globe reached 112 million in December 2022, and it keeps rising every year.

In addition, Sony said in the patent that the framework is intended to be compatible with devices outside the Sony ecosystem. Such as the Xbox or a “cloud-based video game,” allowing for the complete portability and use of assets across other gaming ecosystems.

Moreover, the company launched its wearable motion trackers in November. Thus, enabling players to physically try and control their virtual characters in-game.

Sony’s internet provider arm, Sony Network Communications, collaborated with blockchain network Astar in February to launch an incubator for startups developing NFTs and DAOs with practical applications.

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