Somnia Launches Metaverse Browser for Seamless Web3 Onboarding

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Metaverse protocol and Layer 1 blockchain Somnia has launched its highly awaited Metaverse Browser. The browser’s design makes web3 onboarding easier, enabling users to start discovering the metaverse and producing customized content.

The Metaverse Browser from Somnia offers access to virtual society and all of its benefits. It creates a simple and intuitive interface so that anybody may connect to the metaverse and take use of all of its options for creation, interaction, and recreation. Access to games and apps inside the metaverse may be initiated using the browser.

Paul Thomas, founder of Somnia, stated:

“With the launch of the Somnia Metaverse Browser, we are setting the stage for a more inclusive and accessible metaverse. This platform is not only about simplifying technology but also about empowering individuals to explore and create without limits.”

The Somnia network may be accessed and its many consumer applications explored using the Metaverse Browser. It has been carefully designed to provide a web3 onboarding experience that is more accommodating and more in line with the interfaces that web2 users are used to.

The browser not only makes using the metaverse smooth, but it also makes it simple for anybody to design and launch applications. Anyone will be able to create their own avatars, characters, virtual storefronts, and complete metaverse landscapes at a faster pace thanks to this.

Alongside The Metaverse Browser, a large incentive initiative called the Somnia Point Dream Hunt is debuting. This program lets users earn points by engaging with metaverse experiences. A new collaboration between Yuga Labs and Somnia will allow holders of certain Yuga Labs NFT collections to get bonuses on any points earned throughout the campaign.

With a mobile version now under development, the Somnia Metaverse Browser may now be downloaded on PC and Mac.

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