SHIB Merges With World Economic Forum For Global Metaverse Policy

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  • SHIB to work with WEF towards making global policies for Metaverse.
  • Apart from WEF, Facebook and Decentraland to also merge together.
  • SHIB to soar up even more with such associations.

Ought to be the hot stuff for the day, the developer of Shiba Inu (SHIB), the epic meme based coin next to the DOGE, put out a tweet about merging together with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The anonymous man behind the SHIB, going by the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama, posted a tweet upon the early hours of 23rd November, 2022. According to the tweet, Shytoshi Kusama put out a poll asking everyone to vote on whether SHIB could work together with the WEF towards making global policies for Metaverse. 

Upon the polling, so far about more than 65% of the voters have given a big ‘Yes’ towards working together with the WEF. However, 25% of the voters voted against the choice. Rest of about 10% simply clicked on the option, they don’t care! Not to forget that Kasuma has about more than 861K followers on his Twitter page. 

Moreover, Kusama says in the tweet that the decision to work with WEF will not be made by SHIB, but by the people themselves. And so, it seems the work together pact will be announced soon. 

Furthermore, Kusama revealed that apart from SHIB and WEF, two other giants, Facebook and Decentraland will be also joining hands to devise the global Metaverse policies. 

SHIB and Metaverse

As known through the crypto and the Metaverse industry, SHIB entered into the Metaverse platform in February, 2021 itself. Living upto the high expectations, the Metaverse journey of SHIB started off with the ‘SHIB LANDS’. Currently, the latest from the stables of SHIB Metaverse are the ‘Dunes’, and the ‘Canyons’, both depicting different landscapes and regions. 

In addition to all this, SHIB has also integrated together with The Third Floor (TTF), for developing its Metaverse. TTF is the company behind the grand visualizations of all the Marvel films!

In response to this, the price of SHIb has moved towards the upward trend for the day positively. Currently SHIB is trading for the price of $0.000008854, with the graphs upwards of 2.30% for the past 24 hours.

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